Monday, April 11, 2011

Coffee Table Cleanup

My challenge of organizing this past week was in my living room. I love tables to put things on but it was getting too loaded down with magazines and books. Photo to left is top of table; below is the shelf. I bought this table years ago from a neighbor that was moving away. I was gonna paint it but decided not to. Or didn't get around to it. It's old and I love it cuz it's made from real wood! This is table after almost everything is removed. My mug that's almost empty of tea I enjoyed with a banana and cookie before my task that afternoon. Lace doily was handmade in Mexico and given to my by my son. He bought it there when on a church mission trip. I love it! Mary Engelbriet magazines that I've kept for years as I love her stuff. She doesn't have her magazine any more. I down sized to 3 that I really like. Calendar is a keeper because of photographic work and autograph of my favorite photographer that has given me alot of inspiration through his work. Magazines by the door that left the house, screaming, to me not to let them go into the recycle bin. "Keep me!!"....."NO! are old and need to be put to better use. Sorry! You have been voted out of the house!"

Books made their way from living room to dining room for distribution. Too many to deal with. The picture books made their way back to shelf on table. Final table that's so much nicer. Even my hubby and daughter noticed. Pink plate is one of my mom's that I had hidden in a shelving unit that I brought again. It usually goes away, with the rock, while grandbabies are here!

This is another short project I did that is beside my recliner, where I read and relax. It needed a touch up as well. Left is the before and below is after. A few things gone and less likely to fall over. I used a knitting needle package to put a few pens in so they don't roll around. Repurpose!

I did get rid of 20 magazines. I gave alot to my girlfriend who likes magazines and new recipes. She then recycles somehow. They are out of my house!

Here's questions that Laura, from Organized Junkie asked of her participants for the week:

1. Have you got a system that needs some evaluation? Getting my daughter to pull her share of organizing that she said she'd do. Still too much laying around and slackness. I guess 21 pick up, per day a good possibility! She's an adult and a messy.

2. Pay attention to the areas that annoy you the most. What can you tweak to make it work? Keep the clutter down, pick at it a bit each week til it's gone. Who might you need to comprise with? Myself, mostly as I'm the pile-it. Of course, hubby as well since he looks at mail he gets, then sets it aside on the table. I wind up asking him if he wants to keep it or taking it into his office and putting it on his table where he has to take care of it. So I guess I can get hubby to take care of it in the first place the same day would be the best answer!

3. What was your organizing highlight from last week? Making my living room look neater by spending way too long organizing but I had a good afternoon of watching a portion of DVD set my hubby bought me for Christmas while I was doing it. It seems you have to make a mess to clean up a mess. There's always little items I don't really know what to do with and put it off somewhere for a bit til I decide to keep it or throw it away! After it was all done, I could just feel the room being different! Really! I liked it. Although I did come up on another place I need to clear while doing it. I opened the cabinet behind where my little table is (by recliner) and out fell stuff I forgot about! AW! There are records in there as well....oh my! Don't remind me! :-{ There is a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Like daylight, not a train! It's only a matter of time and it will be done. Sometimes life gets in the way and it's hard to keep up. I am only going to do small projects these next couple weeks because of scheduling! Lots going on! I do manage to keep my purse organized! That's something!

Have a good week, my friends and happy organizing any way you can! Remember--MAINTAIN!!



Crystal said...

Very nice. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of magazines.

Cheryl B. said...

The picture of your granddaughter is beautiful! You did a good job this week, 20 magazines...woohoo. Just got in from working in the yard.

Grandma Nina said...

I'm a cleaning/organizing fanatic! It feels so good when a project like that is done, doesn't it? You're doing a great job, Becky!