Saturday, April 2, 2011

Small Steps in Organizing

Projects, large and small, that's what I am doing to gain ground in staying organized and making it my life style again. This week I didn't do much but MAINTAIN due to circumstances I will blog another time. A week ago I did 2 things: I finished reading this book that my friend, Jill, loaned me years ago. It has taken me a few years to read this. I decided I would read the last 2 chapters and get it out of the house. Unfortuneately, it's a series! I don't see myself reading any more of it. I have other books I'd like to read that I posess. I will return this book to Jill this week! One thing out of the house! Last Saturday I scrapbooked with my friend, Heather. I did these pages and it was so fun to do! It took me awhile to figure out the photo layout. The paper layout was done at a scrapbook camp, in Sept. I got a good start. I need to do some journaling. That will happen soon. So there is photo organization done, more to follow. Hopefully we can scrapbook once a month. Scrapbook is of my granddaughter, Melody. She will be 3 in May, so I better get going. Now that she has a brother, Owen, I need to get photos of him and get his going. But need to catch up with hers first!
Questions of the week:

1. How far back does your magazine backlog go? Probably a year with some of my Outdoor Photographer magazines. I have now 3 different magazines that are coming to me. I'm not renewing Everyday with Rachel Ray since I don't use it alot any more. My sis gave me a subscription to Sunset magazine and it's nice. Also have Better Homes and Gardens before the gift was given to me above. I'm seriously thinking of not renewing BHG, although I like it alot because of the flower/plant advice given in the spring.

2. Will you be able to part with some of them? Yes, I guess so!

What is the hardest part of doing this for you? I enjoy the photography in Outdoor Photographer mag. I wind up looking through them again as I purge. Do I really need to keep this? I know it takes longer to purge but it's a process!

3. What area(s) are on your list for next week? Coffee table in living room that has loaded with books and magazines! And MAINTAIN!!

4. For you do your laundry folding standing up at a table or sitting down? I usually fold clothes while watching tv since it's more entertaining when I have 2-3 loads to fold at one time. Small loads are a cinch in a couple minutes if there's big things and stuff to hang. It was a chore to get the kids to fold laundry even if they were in the living room just watching TV. I can still get daughter to fold as it's part of her task to live here. If my hubby had any say about laundry folding, no underwear needs folded. Sox, ok since they are in a set. Just throw them in one corner of the drawer, underwear other corner! Whatever! :0) And those lovely laundry rooms we see in magazines? They only look that way on day the photographer was there. Right? Never had a nice one, as I have always folded elsewhere, even when I was growing up!

I am enjoying the process of Organizing for 52 weeks of the year. I love the participants. Encouraging! Laura is awesome. What would I do without you? Organization is a process and a way of life that is meant to help streamline your life. I have too many piles and things that just sit around and it drives me crazy when I need something and I sift through papers to find it. ARG!!!! This organizing process is great! Make it work for you! It is for me! Have a great week!


Camille said...

How fun that you have taken up the challenge to organize your home over the next year. I am sure you will be pleased with the results. :)

Your scrapbook pages look lovely...such treasures those books will be!

And...good for you to get that book completed...two years? LOL! Way to go! :)

Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement on my blog last week was a blessing to my heart. :)

Many blessings to you!

aimee said...

If you are needing plant advice and wanting to get rid of the BHG try OSU to see if it meets your needs:

Another site of info specific to the PNW are the nursery websites. Als' has advice on theirs here:
(under solutions + tips I think).
I get both the OSU newsletter and the one from Al's via e-mail on a monthly basis.

Hope that helps you a bit if you decide not to renew. There are other sources I use that are helpful too.

Have a great week Becky! Yea to your decluttering successes!


allysgrandma said...

Oh my friend, I actually bought a scrapbook and stuff to start for Ally and have not done a thing yet! I really need to get started on this as I really want to leave it to her when I am gone.

Linda said...

Hi Grandma Becky...thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

I love Jan Karon, and I read the whole series, and so did several of my friends. We loved Father Tim...and he and all of the characters got better as the series developed. (:>)

But sometimes I can't seem to get into some books that others have recommended. So I understand.

It is always good to organize...good luck and also with your scrapbooking.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits