Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Week!

We have had an interesting week, to say the least. At one point I was discouraged because there was a possibility of a different and shorter version of a few days getaway. A traffic ticket reared it's ugly head. Oh my...why are they so expensive? So we just started to pray that it would come out lesser than it was, once court was attended, instead of just paying it. Then a couple days later, after finding out about ticket, I was on my way to work and nearly hit a car that was turning into my path! He was supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. If I'd not stomped on my brakes, I would have hit him or vice versa. I was in shock when I got to work, which was about a block away. I finally composed myself enough to work at the register. In reality, after the fact, I am praising God for His mercy and protection in these two instances! I made it to work ok without a scratch. Then we found out yesterday that the ticket will be dropped since there were so many other people doing the same thing at the intersection......where ticket was given. Bridge out for construction, for 2 years, and there is no clear view of a good place to turn around! So fee is way low, a small percent of what ticket would have been and nothing on driving record! PTL for a merciful municipality and God. Amazing! And our trip is still on and am really excited about that! I love this reading from Proverbs 31 ministries. God cares for us, in all things. I kept that in my mind through out the week and am rejoicing for his mercy. Even if it didn't turn out to be the best thing, we would have done what we thought best and lived with the circumstances.

I am anticipating a visit to the tulip field on Monday since the weather is more promising than the pouring rain we had on Friday. So I just slept in and will take another chance with me and my new rain boots!

The grandbabies are coming for lunch tomorrow, with their parents, of course. Now that's always something fun to look forward to. Now I gotta go make some cookies and clean house! Have a good weekend!

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Crystal said...

So glad things worked out. It is a miracle how he works.