Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Week

Just popping in a quick post and share my hellabore foto with ya. Love these flowers even though they look down, not up. Now there are ones that are more upward. Upward is how I will feel once I get a little photo book project done, hopefully this evening. I will share it with you soon!
Good news! I visited my surgeon on Monday and he said NO to surgery. It won't help my situation as they don't like opening a patient up unless there is pain involved and he didn't feel (literally) anything out of the ordinary. I could lose some weight to help relieve pressure in my abdomen, that probably has adhesions. More exercise, liking walking. I asked about a type of physical therapy that can help. He said it would be ok and he'd refer me if I wanted to go so that my insurance could help out (possible). So things are looking up. My sinuses and ears are ok and seems to be getting a bit better. Right now I have some coughing and may be a cold. Nasal spray ENT dr wanted me to use doesn't work well for me. It gives me bad headaches. No fun. So have stopped using that. Am going to try something different and see what happens.
I've appreciated your prayers, kind thoughts and concerns along the way. That means alot to me. Thank you!

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Crystal said...

Pretty picture.
So glad you do not have to have surgery. I hope you are on the path to a healthy and wonderful summer.