Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Desk Clean Up Part 1

I finally succumbed to cleaning part of my desk. The portion you see is mostly my mom's mail that I just tossed in a pile. "I'll get to it later" pile was no fun going through. But I was able to get rid of alot of envelopes and condense papers from her health insurance company into less envelopes. Every time she'd have something done, they'd send out one thing. Annoying to receive so much mail like that!

The plastic box now has all 2011 paper work in it. Box below has 2 years worth of papers. Box in garage with previous box.

These are a couple file folders that were my dad's. I couldn't bear to throw them away. They are still useful now at my home. He was a farmer and kept track of things. Photo below shows me in the midst of marking out bank statements with account numbers. Since I have to store them, I don't want someone coming upon them and heisting numbers. I used a special pin, Uni-ball by Signo,that is good for writing checks, as it can't be bleached out!

Here are some items from home schooling days. Books my kids made about Matter, from a field trip we did with other home schoolers. Note the date! Cards I got but didn't use much of, home school newsletter.

A bill of sale or loan papers for my dad. 30 lambs for $520 in Dec. 1955. It was in a file folder I went through. Only paper in there.

Fuzzy crayons, anyone? I threw those away and washed out the bucket. I could give bucket to granddaughter.

End of the project. Much better! I aim to keep it that way. All mail of mom's goes into blue lidded box. She is in a nursing home and I am in charge of her bills. Good thing life is are better than spring 2008 when there was a lot of papers and chaos!

Questions to Ponder: (from Laura at OrgJunkie.com)

  1. Tell me one thing from your purge pile this week that you just can’t believe you were hanging on to. Home school newsletters and old signs that are still sitting and not hung. You do have a purge pile don’t you? :) What is purged is gone!
  2. Do you have medication in your cabinet older than 1999? NO! Threw away meds awhile back. Anyone? Anyone?
  3. What is on your organizing list for this week? Right now I'm just maintaining. I've been busy and a few things are sliding down hill and am keeping mess at bay!


Camille said...

Dear Becky ~ How wonderful it is to get organized and de-clutter! It must be the Spring bug that has bitten...I'm afflicted the same way. LOL! :)

You were a pioneer homeschool family...1990??!! WOW!! Good for you!

Your header photo is very pretty...I *love* tulips and always plan on going to the tulip festival...maybe next year. :)

Many blessings,

Beth said...

Oh my! Your photo of the sheep in Oregon looks like New Zealand! Beautiful blog! I'll be sure to visit again.

allysgrandma said...

Hey I have that same container that you use for your mom's stuff. I keep sewing projects in them. My husband has been sick, so I am busy maintaining too, hoping I don't get it! The tulips are beautiful!

Grandma Nina said...

Good job, Becky. I am such an Organizing Junky myself. I love to see what you're doing. Doesn't it feel good!
That would be such a hard thing taking care of your parents bills, paperwork, etc. But that's what family does, right?