Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

Hubby took this photo when we were at Bandon in April. I'm standing in front of Coquille River Lighthouse. I love lighthouses. How about you? I have one more lighthouse to photograph that is in Oregon. After looking at the map as to closeness in proximaty from Bandon to Cape Arago....close! Time...not enough. So now I need to figure out how to get down there again and do it with one night stay? Probably not this year, since gas prices are high. What was I thinking or not thinking? Did not even think about that on this last trip. I did photograph 2 lighthouses this trip so I can't complain. I always seem to pack too much itinerary into the time we have and wind up running and not enjoying it all. I know I've seen Cape Arago years ago but don't think I have any photos of it. I will just add it to my bucket list of things to do. I love the southern Oregon Coast anyway! Another excuse to go there again!


Crystal said...

I love lighthouses also. That is the name of the church we just joined. The Lighthouse Church. Hope you can work it out to see the last one you want to.

Becky said...

I also love lighthouses. I have been to a few on the east coast. But I hope some day I can see the west coast ones too.