Sunday, June 12, 2011

Box and Shoe Removal

Recently I was thinking about a box that's been under my bed. I knew it needed cleaned out and was wondering what actually was in it. So I pulled it out!

On the table are all the items from the box. I remember some of them. The teapot on right,is one I bought from Avon. I loved that one. One on left an impulse buy, teapot for one, made in England. Never used it. I kept 4 items from this box.
These are the items that were put into box and taken to thrift store. I added a couple things I didn't want any more for my kitchen and teacup cabinet.
The bunny sits on top of the washer awaiting a bath with towels a few days later. I gave bunny to granddaughter with her birthday items. She loved it. I bought it years ago when I worked at the Hallmark store. I collect stuffed bunnies. Why? I think they are cute!

A few weeks later, I decided it was time to clean around our bed again. My allergies have been giving me problems. A lot of coughing and wheezing, especially at night. I've cleaned before in that area and it's helped me. If I could do it every other month would be great. But I've not done it since last year! I vacuumed the window by my bed and the shade and the wall in front of our bed. I moved the shoes out from under our bed...too many...and all the dust bunnies as well. Those I collect without trying and should keep them at bay. Here's the pile of shoes and a couple items (metal) that I thought I was gonna get crafty with. GONE! One pr sandals I gave to my daughter, am keeping the moccasins as my brother in law made those for me years ago. Rest are gone away.

Only kept one pair of hubby's old shoes for outdoor use. Other two are gone to garbage. Also found another box I forgot about. All those items are gone as well. Oh my! I vacuumed underneath the bed as well. Looks clean for now. I need to do better at this maintenance stuff. I have fallen off that horse and need to get back up to better routine cleaning!

I was in the midst of cleaning and thought about more photos but decided not to crawl away from project. I'd just might abandon it. I actually had a time frame to do this. I wanted to watch "American Pickers" TV program so I had to get the majority of it done. Did a few things during those annoying ad breaks! I am breathing better at night, thankfully.

Questions to ponder from Org Junkie
1> Do you currently have an are in your home for a command center? Not specifically....maybe a spot in kitchen with pens and paper. Not an organized spot right now but it could be.
2. Have had any luck implementing any of the tips from my book, Clutter Rehab? Some of what you've posted on your blog....but am not sure which ones right now.
3. Have you been able to maintain the spaces you have already organized? Yes, the kitchen and dining room table. I actually was clearing up some items today on and by dining room table. One was a folder with paper work of my mom's that needed to go in bottom box of my pile in hole under desk. Um, I started to lay it down to do later! I made myself take off the top stuff to get to organizer box and put it in the correct place. Then re-stacked my boxes. Done and don't have to do it later! A star for me!

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Camille said...

You have been making great progress Becky! Well done! :) Your little bunny (the one you gave to your grand-daughter) is really sweet. Doesn't it feel wonderful to clear out stuff?? I must do some purging in our home too. :)

Many blessings to you!
Have a terrific week.