Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Boat Station on Photographic Vacation

We went to the Life Boat Station after lunch at The Crazy Norwegian in Port Orford, OR. This is one of the life boats that was used at this station by the Coast Guard. It was an interesting museum and so thankful for the brave men that manned this station and risked their lives at sea to help others.
"From 1934 to 1970, the US Coast Guard surfmen, as they were called, kept watch over a 40 mile stretch of coastline between Cape Blanco and Cape Sebastian. Stationed atop a 37 foot high lookout tower perched near the westernmost tip of the head, they watched for distress signals from out at sea, ever ready to launch search and rescue missions from their boathouse in Nellies Cove, 280 feet below." Quoted from Port Orford Heads State Park and Lifeboat Station brochure.

The 36 foot self righting motor lifeboat was commissioned in 1946 and served until 1979.
It had a 3 man crew.

The lifeboat station that was the crew quarters building. It is one of 5 neocolonial buildings that make the historic Port Orford Lifesaving station. The other structures are a storage building, a pump house, a garage and the Officer-in-Charge quarters. The compound is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Life ring from the SS Willapa whose crew was rescued in December 1941.

Port running light from the SS Phyllis whose crew was rescued May 1936.

A photograph of the lifeboat that is the first photo of this post.

This house was the Officer-in-Charge quarters that now serves as a residence for park personnel. It's being refurbished so there will be some
history for future generations.

Some mushrooms and iris on our walk through the woods on the Tower trail to overlook Nellies Cove. There were a lot of iris and would have taken one but didn't...well, I did in my camera! Just not in my hands to plant at home. Sigh!

The remains of the life boat launching station in Nellies Cove. There were 523 steps that lead down there, often at night. Fuel in 5 gallon cans, one in each hand, were hauled down the steps as well.

Early USCG Surfman Badge
Early USCG Surfman Badge
"You have to go out,
but you don't have to come back...."
Surfman's motto (from lifeboatstation webpage...see link above)

The Pacific Ocean was so beautiful that afternoon. Almost tropical looking. So peaceful!

Thus ended a beautiful afternoon on the coast. Next to last chapter....Bandon Beach and Coquille River Lighthouse, coming soon. Hope you have enjoyed the trip so far!


Olivia @ Olivia Blue Music said...

New follower here via the Military Monday blog hop.... What beautiful photos! Hope you have a great week... :) - Olivia Blue Music

Dianna said...

Love your photographs! Thanks for sharing your visit with us.
Also, wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
I plan to catch up on your previous posts, and hope you'll come back to visit me often!

aimee said...

Very nice! Especially liked the pics of the native iris and ship's wheel--very, very nice! Thanks again for your cyber tour of the so OR coast!