Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lighthouse on Photographic Vacation

We visited Cape Blanco Lighthouse on the morning of our second day of vacation in Bandon. We headed south after eating breakfast in the room and purchasing gas for the second time on the trip. We reached Cape Blanco about 20 minutes after leaving town. This lighthouse was the first coastal lighthouse built in Oregon. It's the highest built one as well, off the shore line. Winds can reach up over 100 miles an hour there. It was quite windy that day and seemed windier when we were leaving. Silly us, we didn't know we could drive to it. We took a walk down and up to get there. Oh gee! Well, Phil went back and got the car when we were done and I was in gift shop. We needed the walk any way! Inside the lighthouse our hostess talked about the doors that opened to the lighthouse. This is the inner door. We entered from the east, from outside. At one time the door was on the west, which wasn't good because of wind and rain. Door's location changed two more times.

Our hostess shows the containers for oil that was carried up to the light above. Quite an interesting way of doing things back then. Everything had to be measured and when the ship came in with supplies, everything had to be on a list in the record book. Everything they did, any discrepancies, breakage to house or lighthouse....written in the book. Not an easy life but it was work and this lighthouse keeper was there for a long time, as well as his family. The houses are no longer in existence because of cost of upkeep and renovation. If the walls could talk of this lighthouse, what stories it could tell!

Phil ascending the stairwell. It's amazing as it didn't touch the wall! The stairway spirals around a central post. The hand rail was put in for safety when opened to the public. The round plate, in photo below, let air in to keep the light burning above, when it used oil.

There has been some repairs going on. The brick behind the plexiglass will be finished when lighthouse closes in the fall season. See how deep the layers go?

Here we are at the top and seeing the first order Fresnel lens. Always fun to look through it. Everything looks upside down! The host at top is the husband to the hostess that gave us a tour downstairs. What a knowledgeable couple!

A beautiful day to be at the lighthouse looking around at all the beauty God gave us to enjoy! Beautiful Pacific Ocean! The rock,, in photo below, is one I photographed 10 years ago. But it's shorter now. See the hole at the top? It was probably 6 ft. taller then. Wonder what happened? Teenagers climbing to the top? Weather wear? King Kong or sea monsters?

Pole I sat on to steady myself when taking the photo of the rock. It was quite windy and I forgot my tripod. It doesn't work well when it's at home!

We headed into Port Orford to find some lunch. We went to the Crazy Norwegian, at the south end of town. My girlfriend, Tamara, highly recommended it. We liked it!

Thus ends a portion of the day. Next up...visit to Coast Guard Life Boat museum in Port Orford.


Beth said...

How interesting! Was it hot in the lighthouse?

Amanda said...

gorgeous pics from the light house!!

found you from the bloghop..


aimee said...

That was VERY interesting! Wow--the view was spectacular from the lighthouse and surrounding area!

I haven't used my tripod or zoom lens since getting my new camera last summer--I am thinking that for my 1 year camera anniversary I should break down and do it:)

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Your photography is really amazing. It has inspired me.

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for your comments, esp. person from Business Logo Design. Do you need some of my work? It's for sale!