Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photographic Vacation 2011

This spring hubby and I embarked on a vacation to the southern Oregon Coast. The destination was fun since there were stops along the way. Our first stop, after getting gas in the car in Albany at Costco, was Red Robin in Roseburg. Phil had won a $25 gift card from Toastmasters that he attends on Thursdays at work. That's one meal that we didn't have to pay for. It was delicious!

My burger was a mushroom burger which was so yummy!

Phil's choice was a chili burger and his need to have onion rings!

Ten miles further south then west found us at Wildlife Safari in Winston. I had a Groupon that I used. It was 1/2 price for the entrance fee. Wildlife Safari was the reason for the trip, to begin with. We added the coast for the other part, since it was so close to where we were. We'd planned this trip after getting the groupon. Then gas prices soared and it almost nixed the coast part. But we decided to go ahead with the plan since it might be the trip of the year, due to finances.
The following images are my favorites. Too many to choose from and wanted to just highlight our trip. There were so many animals. Some were hard to see due to cages. We were allowed to have our windows open and no seat belts.

These giraffes were just having so much fun together. Am thinking they were playing the mating game as well, with the neck thing, in this second photo.

Brown Bears behind electrical fence. There was one that was roaming around. The others were just relaxing. It was in the mid 70s that afternoon. I'd be chillin' too if I had fur like that.

There were 2 camels lying on the floor of this feeding gazebo. At first we couldn't figure what the big lumps were. We were looking from bright to dark. This guy was just taking the cool in.
So was this yak!

These were the rhea road guards. I was slowly driving up to them and they didn't budge. I made my way to the right and stopped. I quietly asked if we could go by. The rhea to the left made a noise in it's chest have the nerve to pass! We made it ok without incident! It was comical though!

These Chilean flamingos and wood duck.were in a pond in the complex by gift shop and other areas of interest. It appears these two were kissing but not so! But a fun photo none the less!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Cool photos of all the animals and Red Robin, too :) :) I like that restaurant and I've order that same mushroom burger. It is yummy and the endless steak fries :) :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Beth said...

Awesome photos! The zebras looked great. Thought of you yesterday as we went to see a light house called Nugget Point Lighthouse about 1 1/2 hours south of us. I'll post about it this week so be sure to keep watch on my blog. (I took extra photos of the lighthouse!)

aimee said...

Very cool!! I loved all the animal photos and the story about matching wits and willpower with the Rheas!!! So cute:)
Glad you had a good time!