Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Thoughts

Today I was driving home in the beautiful sunny weather after getting my crown on my tooth, finally! No more appointments but a cleaning next month at dentist! I'm getting tired of appointments. But I'm not gonna complain. My tooth is fixed! My physical therapy for my abdomen is coming along well. I am feeling better both physically and mentally. So I have a sunny disposition to go along with the sunny 80 degree weather that has finally hit Oregon! Next week looks a little more promising than this week. So I was thinking of this fountain on the way home. Doesn't that just look inviting?

I took this photo last Friday when my daughter and I went to see the Rose Festival Fleet. We had a good time. We waited in line for one and a half hours to get on a US Navy frigate. We spent an hour on board touring. Will possibly post more on that later.

The Canadian Geese had their own little fleet. Someone was throwing Cheetos to them. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. But they were eating them! Maybe they thought they were goldfish.

Miss Megan, my sailor wanna be girl. She's got the heart for it
and so glad she tried.
(Mishap in boot camp over 4 years ago.)

The photo (above) has a few different modes of transportation in it. Can you spot them?

Tomorrow I'm going to put my tomatoes and bell peppers in my garden. I don't have anything that's calling me to go to...well, Champoeg State Park has a show about bluebirds in early afternoon I might go to. See if I can get some photos of them. Or not. Next 2 weeks are busy so there needs to be some down time at home. I'm thinking of using a vacation day in a month or so to redo my computer table and bookshelf. Ideas are running in my head. I'm thinking of getting a different desk that I saw in my physical therapist's office. Smaller and would work great. I also have to buy it and don't know how much it would cost. Do I really need it? Oh so many choices. I might move stuff around in here. I'll let you know what I decide some time down the road on a post. So now I'm gonna go start dinner and go through some old magazines that have been piling up. I've not looked at them so I really don't need them, do I? To recycle or not...that is the question! Have a good weekend and God's blessings to you!


aimee said...

Many, many years ago a friend of our family took us, during Rose Festival Week to see the ships--it was quite exciting to see them from the water (we were on his boat)! We also went aboard the Missouri when she was still in Bremerton--that was very neat!

Glad to hear you are on the mend--and just in time for summer! I have my tomatoes in but didn't pick up any bell peppers--I LOVE them but I never seem to have success with them:( You will have to share your secrets here on your blog!

I'm sorry to hear that Megan had an accident in Boot Camp-that happens and is never fun!

I LOVE bluebirds--hope you get some photos if you see them!


Beth said...

The first photo of the fountain reminds me of a trip we made to Wash DC when the kids were real little. It was August and extremely hot. The sprinklers turned on as we were walking thru the mall. We all had a fun time running thru them to cool off.

PS: Please recycle the magazines...