Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kitchen Cleanup

A few weeks ago, on a quiet Saturday afternoon, I started a just sweep and mop job in the kitchen. But I realized I needed to clean out from underneath the table. So stuff got put on the counter, including sparkling cider and margarine container that has excess flour in it sitting next to red lidded container with more flour in it. I buy in a big bag so it saves money. I'd planned on planting my garden but it was still too wet, mid June~plans foiled again!

Take a close look at the mess near the wall that's brown on the linoleum! That's what was grabbing my attention! What made that mess? A bit of wetness damage on wall paper as well. What leaked? The window from the hard rain that could have hit it? See that water jug in front? That's the culprit! I picked it up and it was almost empty. I went to open it and it had not been opened! What!? I did a little test. I made sure the bottom was dry then poured some water in the jug and set it on a doubled over paper towel. Then I set to cleaning under the table with an all purpose cleaner. Worked great. Then mopped entire kitchen with vinegar and water. Looked nice! The test provided the water jug was guilty of leaking water onto the floor and causing the mess. It was emptied and taken to the recycle bin! Shame on it! Yes, I know the table looks a bit messy in photos but it did get cleared up a bit! A work in progress!

I cleaned the windows as well. I put these lighthouse valances up that I bought on our Bandon vacation. So pretty. They are white even though walls have off white in them....well, subject to change soon with blue paint...this summer! It goes with the rug in front of my sink! I have a mixed theme in my kitchen, teapots and lighthouses now. Oh well, it's what I like! The other curtains have been up for 20 years and they needed replaced. We all decided that the valances are fine without the tiers, that I don't have but could order. (I doubt I'll do it though!) It brightens up the room with more light coming in through the windows.

This post is my participation in 52 weeks of Organizing It's all a process and am glad I've been a part of this organizational process. It's helped me alot. How about you? Thanks for stopping by!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Congrats on getting organized ;) :) I'm following the 31 days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary W ay...Oh, and I don't like cleaning..but it sure is nice afterwards :) :) :)

I like those lacy valance curtains on your windows. They are pretty...and with the lighthouses :) :)

Have a great week. love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

About A Mom said...

Hi! My next job is desk organization! Much needed! New follower from the military monday blog hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return follow! :)

Anonymous said...

Been very busy, love the curtains!