Saturday, July 30, 2011

PT Boat 658

I was recently checking out some info on PT Boat 658 that my daughter and I saw at Rose Festival Fleet week this year. I found a video that has some great info if you are interested. I'm also sharing some photos I took when we visited the PT boat. These were the best photos I could get because there were so many people! Must share space, right?

PT Boat 658 - The only functional, restored, PT boat left in the world! Operating out of Portland, Oregon.

This is a photo of a photo when PT Boat 658 is on the Willamette River.

This boat was right by the PT boat. We had to climb the stairs to get to both of them. So we went on this one as well. It was nice talking to the men who served on this boat. We weren't allowed onto the PT boat. It was interesting to see pieces of our history of war era gone by. I will be sharing more of our visit in another post. Thanks for stopping for a visit!

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