Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Up To...

I have been busy doing too much but enjoying it. I've been getting sufficient sleep now that my coughing has subsided, thanks to medicine from doctor. A few weeks ago I got up before the sun and went to the hot air balloon festival in Tigard. Early a.m. is the time they fly and I love it!

The eve of summer I planted 5 tomato plants and 3 bell pepper plants. Here they are in my new wheelbarrow I bought at the hardware store where I work. I rolled them out to my little 4x4 ft. garden I had last year. Yes, I pulled the weeds!

The evening prior to the hot air balloon festival, I attended the Relay for Life. A co-worker's mom is a survivor of blood cancer so I told them I'd be there. It was a good, happy time.

I attended the Oregon Christian Convention a week later, after above activities. I went two days, then home on Sat. to make a gigantic potato salad. Why? I had two picnics to attend. One after our church's outdoor service. Then celebrating 120 years of the tabernacle at OCC, late afternoon. I have gone there since a child...many memories and I didn't want to miss it. Hubby went as well and we stayed for the last evening session. I am so glad I went this year. I was inspired.

I will share more of these activities in other posts. Just highlights for now. I am just busy and have been working on loading and rotating photos I've taken. July 4th we went to St. Paul rodeo and I took lots of photos then as well. So there's alot of rotatin' going on here. Hopefully I won't be too dizzy when I get through with it! After 6 days off work (one vacation day last week) I go back tomorrow. If I must! :0) How was your weekend?


Beth said...

Love the hot air balloon! Beautiful. Someday I hope to go up in one but my husband doesn't like heights so I'll need to find someone to take with me. The potato salad looks yummy!!

aimee said...

One of my uncles and aunts love to go on hot air balloons. I, on the other hand, love looking UP at hot air balloons:)

To answer your question--it has been an incredible but busy long weekend. My DD + family are visiting and I desperately need an infusion of youthful energy to keep up with all of them!


Yum---5 tomatoes = a lot of good eating. We just had our first ripe one the other day(my tomato lovin' DD couldn't resist it--she said it was GOOD)!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow! That is a lot of potato salad! I need to make some today for camping.

The balloon festival looks fun, too.