Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Mop Job

A few weeks ago I started out just sweeping the dining room then wanted to mop it. But it wasn't just another sweep/mop job. NO! I had to find things that annoyed me. So then I had to clean them up! One side of my buffet were framed photos and other things, including an extension cord that's plugged in behind the buffet. There was dirt as well, as you can imagine since I've not cleaned behind there for =======amount of years. I'm not proud of that as it was a job that I'd eventually get to!
Here's an old chair I got at a garage sale years ago. Chair was good but now back is wobbly due to screws coming apart and need replaced. so there's a basket with books and what not sitting on it. I've gone thru the basket awhile back and got all the stuff from it that needed shredded. Calendars are gone, for now. Haven't decided exactly what to keep. One made it to the recycle bin. I'm still debating about a few others.

Pile of photos on table and the old tyme photo of us was years ago in Pendleton, when we went over for a vacation. This photo had fallen behind the buffet and I'd forgotten all about it being there. Shame on me!

Little miniature rabbits I've collected over the years in a little displayer I got when I was working at the Hallmark store. The crocheted mouse was a toy our cat had. It was under buffet along with a few milk caps Kirby used to play with. He hasn't lived here for 6 years! The mouse and fuzz bunnies are all gone. This little displayer and rabbits are cleaned up and now live inside a ziploc bag, ready for a new home, somewhere.

More mess as you can tell. Notice the mold on the wall? Washer and dryer are on other side of the wall and we've had a few mishaps. So cleaned up the wall and the floor as well. There was a magazine on floor under buffet and had made a mess as well as other spots I couldn't identify. Oh goodness me! What a messy housekeeper I can be!

I wondered why I was keeping this paper. It's from Nov 1992. I looked through the paper to see if there were news articles to keep? No. But look at the ad for computers. I showed hubby and daughter and we all laughed! I realized it was a paper one of the kids used for a paint project--underneath to protect the table. :0( Photo below is of my sister and me, in pink, 1986, when she came to visit us in New Mexico. This was the big one we gave mom that Christmas. I took it out of the frame because frame plastic wasn't good for photo. Now it's in a photo book where it won't get bent for the time being.

The Rubbermaid Reveal mop I bought at the hardware store on sale. It's the first time I used it. The mop part is microfiber, not a sponge. The little bottle above holds the cleaning liquid of your choice. I use water and vinegar to mop and it works well. You aim and squirt the liquid out. I have to watch what I'm doing as I tend to hit the bottom of the wall, which isn't a good thing.
Here's the end of the project. I cleaned up the photo frames and put them back in their spot for now. One of these days I'll figure out what to do with them. Hang them, I guess. There are two collage frames holding photos, one we gave my parents when the kids were small. Other one my mom made of our 25th wedding anniversary. Those photos will probably go into an album. The buffet is moved down a bit, not sure if I will move it back to original spot. But it's all cleaned of the dust bunnies behind it, floor mopped and a different chair in place of old one. Broken one is in garage, waiting for new screws, which I can find at the hardware store. All of this is a process of cleaning and downsizing. I got rid of a lot of cardboard I saved over the years in case I needed it. Now there's only mailing boxes. I couldn't fit it in the buffet. Boxes too big. I am working on keeping this area looking better all the time. Soon the cards that are in basket on buffet will be gone and buffet dusted and cleared of some things. I remember the time when I didn't have many collectibles or stuff and just somehow accumulated over the years. Buffet belonged to my grandma and my mom gave it to me, along with the shelves above it, when she moved from a house into an apartment. It may not look like I did much but you can tell the difference if you were in the room. My friend, Tamara, noticed! Thanks to Laura, over at, she's got me on the right track to a better house. All it takes is a little bit of time and determination. I find the jobs that make a good stab at clearing clutter helps. It's hard to find a huge spot of time to organize. It's a process!
There is a limit to what I can keep of the cute things I collected over the years. Give away time. I've given away some of my Precious Moment figurines to friends and my sister. I enjoyed them but I just don't need so many. Less dusting time. More than enough papers. I'm a pile-it and it's annoying! Keep only important paper work. Recycle/shred the rest!
Thanks for sharing in my journey!


Anonymous said...

I was looking for my glasses before I came to South Carolina and found so much dirt and dust on the mattress at the head of my bed. Must put that on my list. That is what happens when you live in the same house for 24 years! Flying home Tuesday!

Livin' In Duckville said...

I had to smile at your dust bunnies... are you sure you don't live in MY house? Behind my desk is the same. In June my mom found the perfect desk organizers.... yep, there they still sit. The dust & fuzz and dirt from the computer, wood pellet stove, animals, dirt on shoes, oh, and let's not forget lack of cleaning under there.... sheesh. You're right it is a process... eventually it will be clean.
A little at a time.

Nice job! Keep up the good work.

Camille said...

Great job on all your clearing out Becky! What a treasure trove of memories you have to sort through! Don't you just *love* old photos?? How lovely that you have them. :)

Those old flyers were too computers have changed!!

Have a wonderful week!
Many blessings,