Saturday, August 20, 2011

Homeward Bound from Photographic Vacation

The final chapter of our Photographic Vacation has arrived. We left our motel, The La Kris, in Bandon, to go to the beach in the a.m. on Sat. The calla lilies were out our front window and by the door we walked into and out of our beach themed room where we spent 2 nights. I loved these little signs outside of our room. Fun and wanted to remember them by photographing them. Taking them home with me was NOT an option!

After our morning walk on the beach, we drove to Old Town of Bandon. This vehicle was parked by your car. The building beyond it is the Big Wheel House that we visited after lunch to purchase some shirts and jam. We had some Umpqua ice cream as well. We needed dessert!

Phil was so hungry that he wanted to eat the boat but there weren't any crabs in the crab rings so he had to wait for our lunch to arrive. He had calamari and I had some type of fish. It was so good. After shopping at store that I mentioned earlier, we headed home. We had such a beautiful morning, even though it was a bit chilly on the beach. We had to wear our sweatshirts to stay warm. We crossed this bridge in Coos Bay. Can you see the rain drops on the windshield? Good time to leave, I guess. Phil was driving so I was taking a few photos as we went. Sand dunes to the left of us. Again, raindrops.

Good ol' American flag flying in the breeze in Reedsport, as we headed inland. Good bye ocean and sandy beach and lighthouses. I love it there. But it's always nice to go home to my own bed!
We stopped at this interpretive center for Roosevelt Elk. We weren't disappointed as there were a number of elk within viewing/camera range.

Red Winged Blackbird across the creek.

Cattails which have been a favorite plant since my childhood. I think they look like fuzzy hot dogs!

Rhododendrons by the parking area. They were in bloom before the rhododendrons in the valley bloomed (late May this year.) We stopped in Eugene to get dinner and then went to a mall to buy a NKJV Bible that was smaller in width, for ease of carrying on trips. I'd been looking for awhile since my girlfriend, Tamara, found a smaller one. All the smaller ones had smaller print than I liked. Mine is a nice slimline one, burgundy in color and silver on the edges. We both like NKJV and have been using it in our Bible study on Thursday evenings. A nice gift to myself the evening before Easter, with a coupon to drop the price by $10 from the Tree of Life. We had a nice drive home late evening and unloaded the car. There's no place like home.

Sweatshirts for us and a tshirt for my granddaughter's birthday gift, from Big Wheel House store.

Mug I got free from the motel for booking two nights prior to a deadline date. Nice addition to my huge mug collection that I use. It's get crowded in the shelf so I put this one a shelf higher. It's a fun item to remember our trip to Bandon. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

Life Boat station Covered Bridge Sunset

Lighthouse Wildlife Safari


Crystal said...

What wonderful pictures. It looks like a great place. Love the signs and the t shirt. So cute. I have one more week before our school starts. I am not quite ready yet.

Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

What great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!

Julie G. said...

Hi Becky! What a terrific post on your photographic adventure. Bandon looks like such a charming place. Your really captured its essence. Cute signs. Love the beautiful Elk and Rhododedron images. A delight to visit your warm, wonderful blog!