Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UP and AWAY!

This is a favorite balloon from a hot air balloon festival I attended in June. It reminds me of the Lifesaver roll of candy when I was younger. So yummy and fruit flavored. Cheery colors. My day at work was slow and I was tired. I was thinking of this balloon while sorting through some photos tonight to post. On days that are melancholy and long, I could just float away for awhile. I have been thinking of words to write in a card I'm making for friends who lost their daughter in an accident last week. Kayla was only 12 years old. I remember her in the Sunday School class Phil and I taught. It's hard to lose anyone but it seems to hurt worse when the person is young.So many things she and her family won't get to celebrate. But we know that there is a reason she's gone and not suffering. I will just lift UP prayers to God for the family and give the family comfort in words and hugs at Kayla's celebration of life on Friday.

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Beautiful pics of the balloon! I love your new header pic, too.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. It is such a shame to have lost her so young.

Sorry I haven't been around much in Blogland. Been sooo busy!