Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleaning Desk

Linked up with Laura at OrgJunkie

A few weeks ago I had a vacation day off work. I stayed home and worked on my computer desk. I'm trying to get rid of stuff and I managed to downsize and get some stuff ready for a shred day, when it comes again into the community. So I started with this mess.....

...and ended here. I should have worked on it longer but did some baking in the morning and early afternoon. Then cleaned up to go to a retirement party for my doctor. Anyway, there is an improvement. Can you see it? The papers in the chips box are just papers and old cards that I put in the paper recycling bin. Papers to the right of box are papers to be shredded.
They were put in with other papers waiting to be shred! Every little bit I did this day is less I have to do later. I pick at stuff all the time and soon it will be gone! (But don't hold your breathe!)

Laura, from OrgJunkie, asked "What organizing dilemma is irritating you right now and what kind of solution do you think you can come up with to solve it?" I feel there is too much to do to keep on organizing. But I know it's a process and I've let things go so long that it will take more than a year to get items completed on my list. 2 main things are my computer desk and painting the dining room. But those are on my list to do and I am going to see them through to completion. NEVER GIVE UP! I need to keep up with organizing my photos in my computer. I have so many that haven't been put onto CDs for back up. I need to sit and go through ones not already done, delete extras and keep the ones I really like. How many rodeo photos do I really need after 3 years? Pick the ones different from previous years. It can be as bad as extra photos you took on film and still have in a box! This year I've done 2 books on line and that's been helpful for me to have them done that way. The first one was a gift for mother's day and then I did another one because of a blog post I did for Shutterfly, which I got almost free! There are ways to minimize and I just have to think of them and do it!

Two loaves of zucchini bread and banana muffins I made that day. Muffins went with dinner and bread for a friend and other for us! Zucchini is from one of my back fence neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I suffer from TMS-too much stuff! Yes water your tomatoes less next year. I was told to only water if they were wilted. The guy giving the seminar lives in San Diego and waters his every 2 weeks!

PS I see the improvement. I am afraid we are a lot alike. You should see my craft room!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed by stuff, I watch an episode of "Hoarders", LOL. It always motivates me to start purging and organizing! That bread looks super yummy!

Martha (MM) said...

So glad you stopped by and so happy to see you are still making progress! Getting organized isn't an easy task. I still have tons to do too. Here's to us and moving forward!