Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cleaning Up

Labor day weekend we just stayed home. I cleaned the bathroom finally to rid some clutter. Check out what I did in one day at our house! First photo shows the overall issue I needed to address. Can you spot the dust and clutter?

This is a hand blown glass ball made on the coast in Oregon. Love it and bought it a few years ago to add to my purple theme in the bathroom. Now it needs cleaned! So does the beads. But the beads went good bye! Too much to dust!

Because I was by the kitchen, I realized I needed to put the left over pizza away we had for lunch. We had it for lunch so Megan could enjoy it. She worked that evening and doesn't always like just leftover pizza. I can understand that!

Then I looked at my table....oh my, that's gonna change too!
My recharger station before.....

...and after! These two storage containers were in my closet and I remembered them and put them to use! The purple glass ball was cleaned up and now resides in this bowl with some cute animals I enjoy, in the living room. It will move when granddaughter comes though. I'm not all too sure if I want to put the ball back up in the bathroom. It's hard for me reach it and hubby had to get it down, with some stretching. Me thinks middle aged knees aren't wanting to be up there on the counter any time soon either!

It took me a lot longer to clean the bathroom than I thought it would! But it's done and I plan on keeping it nice. I took the liner from the Longerberger basket out and washed it and then set paper towels in there to keep cleaning minimal next time.

Here's the bathroom after I cleaned it and I'm impressed how it looks.

I didn't take a photo of this shelf earlier. But it was dusty as well and had a couple other bunnies on it but they've been moved. I put all the dental floss together on a cup holder we no longer use. A little round glass protector covers the hole.

A travel bag hangs on the linen closet door. It holds a few pieces of jewelry in fabric and plastic bags, and some items I use occasionally. It keeps the clutter down and not in the way. My sis gave it to me a few years ago for my birthday as I'd been wanting one.

Dinner that evening was chicken and we ate on this nice and clean table! I occasionally bring out a table cloth. It was a holiday weekend so why not make the dining room table look nice? We didn't go anywhere so we just as well have fun at home!
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This week Laura was asking how we could find like items in our house in different rooms and consolidate them. I know I have fabric in 3 different areas of my house. I can consolidate them but not right now. Why? I'm working on a paint project in our dining room and it's my main focus for a couple weeks.

Organizing and cleaning is sometimes hard but a bit at a time and MAINTAINing it helps keep the ball rolling! I appreciate my house a lot more now that I make a bit of time to manage it. I used to be good at it and then I slackened off and now I'm paying for it! I just have to keep it all in perspective and not keep thinking of everything I need to do on my list. That drives me bonkers. One project at a time! A hoarder I am to a certain extent but watching the Hoarders tv show can really motivate me! HA! Have a good week~thanks for the encouragement my friends!

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