Sunday, September 25, 2011

Field of Flags

September 11, 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the 9-11-01 attack on the Twin Towers in NY City, NY. This year there was a Patriot Day Memorial in Salem that I went to. I love flags and this was an opportunity to commerate the fallen victims of the attack. So with camera in hand, a water bottle and a snack I embarked on the walk through the flags at Riverfront Park. It was a warm late afternoon Sat. Sept 10. It was quite the photo opportunity.  The photos below are what I'm sharing with you, with minor detail. Keep in mind, these photos are smaller than the originals and may be viewed, but not copied, by clicking on them, to enlarge them. Enjoy and consider what we've lost in our country. This field of flags consists of 5,100 flags and many many hours to even orchestrate it! It was awesome, mind boggling and sad as I walked around and through the flags.
This is the scene across from me as I entered. The flags to left represent United Flight 93. I realized I didn't get a photo of that sign.
A favorite flag of the day that I will always remember.Never Forget!

OSP Maria Mignano and another officer ended their watch Sept 4, 2001, on I-5. We were just grasping the sadness of this when Sept 11, 2001 happened that shocked everyone.

Proud of our own Woodburn Policeman, gone forever but always in our hearts.

Northwest Military Field

Boating and fishing on the Willamette River. This just looked so peaceful on a warm evening.

One of many police type dogs that were there that day. I made sure I walked around them, at a distance, especially the German Shepherd I saw later. He looked right at me and I wasn't sure what he was thinking. So I moved quietly sidewise from him. Sigh!

A hotel across from the park that displayed two big flags.

As I was walking near the end of the military field, I struck up a conversation with another lady with a camera. She'd been there a couple days already and she always got something different. She asked me if I'd been on the railroad bridge and seen the flags. No, I hadn't and where was it? So I walked down by the riverside and to the bridge. It was a walk, sometimes against the crowd of people coming to see the flags since it was getting cooler. But it was a nice walk.

Looking through a window to where I'm going. Can you see the flags on the bridge to the the right?

l really liked the old looking lights on this former railroad bridge that was built in 1912. Notice the cobweb and the spider? Nice view of the Willamette River. But some of the bicyclists were going too fast. One came up behind me and if I'd not heard it, I probably would have been hit. He didn't even make noise that he was coming~oh dear! We must share!

Another photo op I would have missed if someone hadn't told me about the moon coming up. So I needed to walk further down, again further than expected. But I was glad I did! I got my walk in for the day!

This is the Willamette Queen sternwheeler coming in to dock. Beautiful sunset colors!

This is the night scene when I returned to the flags in the NW military honor field. Lit now by electrical light. The moon shines above.

These flags were just beckoning me to stop and ponder. I put my camera down and just looked. It was quiet and dark. Thoughts of people gone, they didn't get to go home that day to their family or friends. The incline down into the flags just made me contemplate life and those who have given their all, in the war on terror that hit the USA on their home front.

I know this scene looks a bit eery. But it was a feeling I got as I looked into the line of white flags before I left. It almost looked ghostly to me. Sad. Each shadow represents a person who died on Sept 11, 2001. Gone forever from their loved ones, but not forgotten.

For more information on the flags and the field click the link below. Info on flags comes up when you click on flags and tshirts in the menu. Never Forget flag design is told in detail if you want more information and order form available there as well. Thanks for taking a walk of remembrance with me!
Field of Flags


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Very wonderful images that you captured through your camera lens. Thank you for sharing your experiences and emotions of this commemorative setting....9/11...that we never forget...

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you also for stopping by and entering the NOVICA gift certificate giveaway.

Camille said...

What lovely photos Becky! I like that *never forget* flag too...I hadn't seen it before. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

I think your header photo (of the hot air balloons) is amazing!

Blessings to you!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

..just stopping by to say thank you again for entering the giveaway. I really wish that it were possible to draw the names oof everyone that entered and give each one a gift certificate!

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you also for your sweet comment! (& I actually am due for another haircut!) :o)

Linda said...

What an awesome place to go and remember the tragic day, and the lives that were taken away. And to think of those people and their families...and to think of our country and what all we have here in America. I don't want to ever forget.

Becky these pictures are amazing. I am so glad that you got to do that.

That is neat that you were in service. Thank you for serving our country too.

I wanted to thank you for sharing such a sweet comment on my blog today. Blog friends are indeed special...and I am glad that you got to meet some. I hope to meet some one of these days too.

Love, Linda

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for the kind comments on this post. Any of these photos are for sale, except for ones with people in it. It was an awesome but sobering experience.