Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Evergreen Air Museum Visit

We had the opportunity to visit the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville a couple weeks ago when my father in law, Jim, came to visit from PA. I'd asked Phil where we were going to take him this time. He suggested the museum. Little did we know, til the visit, that Jim had seen a show about this very place a few months ago. He'd thought it would be nice to visit it some time. He got his visit! What a coincidence! We were glad to get in free with passes from Phil's job. Thanks! Here is a B-17, which we got to tour later, and a Mig, hanging on the wall.

Megan, avoid the missile at all cost!

A plane flown by someone here in our state, Denny Smith.
Go, Air Force!

Family and museum docent inside the B-17.
Family under the wing of the Spruce Goose, that was flown by Howard Hughes. The plane is made from birch not spruce. Why the name then? Someone said it was called quite a goose for being so big and somebody else said it was quite the spruce goose. The media picked up on it and the name stuck. Photo under that is what you can see from under the Spruce Goose wing!

This tank with 2 others was up on a hill. I decided it would be interesting to get a shot of it from below. The tracks are from the tank above. Not sure what name it is. These were out behind the air museum. We went to see these before we went home. We went into space museum as well. There's 2 other buildings. One is IMAX and the other is the waterpark. It's the only water park that has an air museum attached! We had a fun day. I will post more photos later.

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aimee said...

Someday we are going to run into each other -- we like the same places:) My DH and I went to the Evergreen Air Museum a couple of years ago and LOVED it! This summer we hung out at the Waterpark for the good part of a day watching very happy grandkids enjoy the water. Haven't been to the IMAX yet though...
Glad you had such a good time--looking forward to seeing more of your pics.
Be blessed,