Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Man's Hands

I am not married to a farmer nor do we live on a farm. Sometimes I wish we'd got a piece of land in the country but we couldn't afford it when we were getting our double wide manufactured home almost 22 years ago. Instead we live in a small town that has some farm land behind us. This summer we needed to do something with our front lawn. It was non existent as we'd killed it all off in anticipation of getting some sod from someone, at a good price. But that never materialized so we took matters into our own hands. We borrowed the tiller from the hardware store (free) where I work. We put gas in it and cleaned it up b4 the return. Hubby donned his outdoor clothes on the hot late morning and tilled up the ground. We added some leftover garden and potting soil from the previous year to the hard ground.
Loving my man's hands!
He tills the ground.
He uses his hands to work for a living as well.
What more could I ask from him?
His hand in mine on walks,
at church or a movie,
his hand on my shoulder when he bends down for a kiss good bye in the morning
when I'm at the breakfast table eating breakfast.
Sometimes it's with mouth full of cereal!
His hands moving when he talks, teaching Sunday school.
His hands....important!

This is a resting chair that hubby ate his lunch on. I brought out sandwiches and pop for lunch, into the garage. It was a nice little lunch together, something we usually don't do...a lunch in the garage? Why not! This chair is one my mom repainted years ago in her orange kitchen phase. One of many old chairs that were redone and I needed to keep a couple. One of these days I will strip it and make it look better. Grass seed was planted Aug. 8 and some started coming up the following Monday.

Fast forward to Oct 1, here is our lawn with lovely Oregon rain. I couldn't get any photos without some rain spots on camera. The lawn has come a long ways from tiny seeds. It's amazing that the seeds still are germinating. We can't wait til it all fills in. There is more seed to fill it in now that there is cooler weather.

This is my dory fisherman whirly gig I bought some years ago when visiting the coast. I've recently replaced the metal support since the original one rusted. I am enjoying it again. I enjoy it when the wind is blowing. It can scare me at times as well. It makes noises sometimes in the wind. But it is fun to have.

Last photo is of my hydrangea. It didn't do well this year but I enjoyed it none the less. I have enjoyed our short summer. How about your summer? Now it's fall and we are enjoying the fall leaves among the wet roads and raindrops on our walks in the ever growing darkness of the night that's getting earlier each day.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a sweet tribute to your man. Congrats on your new lawn! Love the new look of your blog :)

Window On The Prairie said...

So sweet your poem about your hubby...... The grass looks great, but next summer you'll have a wonderful lawn. Isn't wonderful to have a handy man around?