Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prep to Paint

I have had painting the dining room on my 52 Weeks of Organizing list for this year for a long time. So I finally got my act together in Sept and got it going. I took all the items off these 3 shelves above the buffet, that used to be at my grandma's house years ago. Then my mom had it and now it's mine! I'm glad Megan was here to help me with it. I took stuff down and handed it to her and she put it on the table.

Look at all the dust bunnies that attached themselves to all the mugs I collect. Alot of the mugs are from our time in England. Many of the places we went would have a mug so we'd buy one to remember that particular place. Then I collected some nimadja pottery in New Mexico where we lived for 10 years.

Then there's us in high school senior pictures. We were one on each coast and didn't even know each other til a few years later. Charming Tails rabbit on a ski lift on top of a beer mug from Scotland. Had to have a little fun with it! Stress reliever! The mugs got washed then put away in a storage container that is now in the garage for the time being.

Delft items that I could part with. Nice but I have so much. Any takers for $35 w/shipping?

Trees from my Christmas village boxed up for safety and put under the hutch. All the Lilliput Christmas Village are in the hutch with other Lilliput houses. It just fit! Population explosion over night!
We visited a good pen pal of mine years ago and Wanda gave me this set of figurines. We call them Wanda and John and are part of my family so I can't part with them. Wanda and I have been writing to each other just prior to my daughter being born, 32 years ago! Wow! Traded coupons and rebates at that time and wrote letters with our exchange. A connection we both cherish!
A favorite Mary Engelbreit plaque.

This is what the dining room looked like by the end of Sunday evening. It took awhile to get everything condensed. Would have happened a bit sooner Saturday but was at a coworker's house for her husband's memorial as he died suddenly earlier that week. Sigh!

I do confess to a bit of stress after getting all the stuff down and then washing the mugs and then realizing there was so much stuff! I just sat down on the chair and kinda spaced out a bit. That's what happens after watching 2 hours of Hoarders tv program! ARG!!! Megan looked at me and asked me if I was ok.....well, I guess I was in a stupor! Seriously! I am getting rid of a few things and there will be only 2 not 3 shelves of collectibles. I haven't dusted in awhile, but you could see that. Oh dear! I am glad I'm getting this organizing down pat. Stop keeping so much stuff and am enjoying the nearly painted room!


MarieElizabeth said...

Wow, that's a lot of work. I'm looking forward to seeing your final project.

Crystal said...

What a lot of work. Good job.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Great job! I love Hoarders. It is inspiring way to get rid of the stuff you really don't need. Sometimes I will take a picture of something sentimental and then get rid of it. Takes up less space! It just gets to be too much to dust and then everything looks cluttered.

I'm really proud of you!

Thanks for your prayers for healing in my arm. I have had the ladies at the retreat pray for me and I am believing that God is going to help me.