Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer Saturday

Mid July, on a Saturday, my hubby, my daughter and I went to The Dalles. Primary reason was to visit with some people at the Oregon Veterans' Home. Megan and I are affiliated with the PGR that go to soldiers funerals and homecomings. Once a year they visit the home and the residents enjoy it. But before we did that, we went to The Dalles Dam and met up with a bloggy friend, Stacie, and her family. I had not calculated the time of the trip correctly so we missed out on the grand tour of the dam. So we just went into the visitors center and looked at all the displays. Quite alot of information to read! It is the largest hydroelectric dam in the country, finished in 1957.

Megan is standing by a hole in this wall of an old salmon cannery, by the dam. Inside is a hole in the floor but it doesn't go down very far. After we walked around a bit outside, we met up with Stacie, writer of Stacie, a Firefighter's Wife blog. We have been following each other's blog from the beginning of our blogging venture. We are each other's first followers as well! I found her when I was searching for bloggers in Oregon. I'm so glad I met her in life. What a good time we all had eating lunch. As you can see there was the girls table with Stacie and I with our daughters......

Phil and Steve with his four sons.....we couldn't all sit at one table. But we enjoyed each others company! The food was good as well!

A stop in the restroom after lunch revealed an interesting faucet!
It's also the place where I ripped a fingernail back trying to get a new toilet paper roll moved over to the right slot, almost had it....ouch~bandaid time! Oh dear!

After lunch the 3 of us went on to the Oregon Veterans' Home and commenced visiting with some men. This gentleman served in the Air Force and he was quite interesting. He served in Viet Nam. Another gentleman we talked to said he was a caterpillar. OK! Not knowing what else to say, we waited and it turned out that he had, at one time, to use his parachute to bail from a plane. OK, that makes sense. Parachutes were made of silk in WWII. Quite interesting stories they can tell. So thankful for their service.

Here's another photo of The Dalles Dam from outside the home. I love the hillside.

Old Army truck.

The sky was getting quite dark in the afternoon, to the south. There was some thunder and lightning as well! I'm so glad I was inside since it was a bit scary with all the power lines from the dam close in proximity! :0*

On our way home, we stopped at Multnomah Falls. I always do to make sure it's still running! Good reason, right? It is so beautiful to see. Megan had not stopped there or did when she was younger so that's a good reason. There was a wedding party there doing a photo shoot. Not sure if they'd got married there, since there was a big tent for catering outside and looked like things were winding down in there. Anyway, the bride and groom went up the trail and stood on the bridge for their photographer. We saw them go up, in her wedding dress and heels. You can see them on the bridge in the photo below. And here Phil and I are, almost 34 years of marriage....oh the places we've gone and the stories we can tell! While Megan and I were up closer to the falls, down below and taking a few photos, Phil was resting on a railing and wound up talking to a man who was in the Air Force as well. Turned out he and his wife were at the same AF base in England that we were stationed at, just a year after we left. They were married over there as well! What a coincidence! All because we 2 were wearing our Air Force shirts!

Here's some adorable Newfoundland dogs. Mom and son! People were quite taken with these dogs! So was I and asked permission to take this photo!

We were on the road again and stopped at TA Truck Stop in Troutdale to eat dinner at Subway. Then headed home with Phil driving. I was weary when we sat down to eat dinner to the point of no more driving for me! I took this flag photo by Harley Davidson Latus Motors, Oregon City. I love their big flag and seldom have a chance to photograph it since I am usually driving! Not this time. We had a good day and so glad we could make some other people happy that day as well.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I so enjoyed this post! How awesome that you got to meet my sis. She's the best! Great pics and I loved seeing The Dalles Dam and Multnomah Falls through your eyes :)

Laury said...

I've been to the Dalles! Pretty cool:) I love your pictures. Especially of the Falls. I happened to be visiting there on one of the hottest days of the year. Kind of hard to enjoy it too much. lol