Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn Afternoon Walk

Two Sundays ago, my hubby and I were on our usual afternoon trudge. I don't carry my camera with me. Why? Because we'd not get the exercise that we need with all the stopping I do. On this particular day the colors were so beautiful that I got my camera after the walk then walked up to this point with hubby again and I photographed. He went on his merry way again, as his usual trudge. He goes a second time as he can walk faster without me but the first time around we go together at a bit slower pace so I can walk. Granted, not a snail's pace but I have shorter legs than he does. Catch my drift there? These colors were so vibrant~

but what I really liked were the leaves that had fallen. They look like they could be wallpaper! But that would be expensive to do. Just a photograph will capture the essence of a beautiful autumn afternoon. Raindrops on leaves make it even more fun.

Here are the two trees that made the beautiful leaves. Green is nice but so is orange and yellow. Today when we walked by there weren't many leaves left on the tree or ground.

Walking back home, I spotted this colorful hydrangea bush in a neighbor's lawn.

These are two trees at the end of our street. Nice and colorful. Now one tree has no leaves on it (yellow) and the other one is orange/yellow. It's fun to watch them change as the weeks go by.

Raindrops on a rose still blooming in another neighbor's lawn.

Update on our lawn. It looks so pretty. It's longer now and still has some clover in it but it's lush and thick. I walked on it today.

My faithful rabbit that doesn't desert me surrounded by fallen leaves. Actually he's in the garage right now. I put him away when hallowe'en approached and he's still inside, along with the dory fishermen. It's cold outside...but they will probably come back out this week.

On Monday,10/31 I opened up the fall M&Ms and put them in the jar on the counter. Megan and I were being funny with them, as you can see. I am protecting my stash so don't mess with this grandma! HA! This is a jar my mom had and I use it for M&Ms. It takes awhile to eat them but that's ok! I wound up putting 3 bags in there, 3/4 full! Love the new colors. There are Christmas ones out now. I got these when they were on sale for 2/$5 and I had a couple coupons for 2/$1.00 off. Then I grabbed a couple bags after hallowe'en when they were 50% off. I kept one, gave one to a friend when I gave them some homemade cookies (still grieving the loss of their daughter from a few months ago.)

Map questing to see where we are going in Washington soon. I use the internet for reservations but use a map to find the route. It's easier to find where we are going. Love my AAA maps. This one has a couple holes on folds but it will weather this next trip to photograph Snoqualmie Falls. I am looking forward to it. Plus we get to visit with my sister.

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