Monday, December 5, 2011

Calendar Winners

Just as I promised I am having a calendar give away again this year. But as you can see there are 3 2012 calendars to give away. How about that? One is an ocean theme, from Bandon, OR trip in April, 2011. The second calendar is flower themed, all from around Oregon. The third calendar is from the Festival of Balloons that was taken in Tigard, OR June 2011.
OK winners of the calendar give away are as follows:
Erin--Ocean themed calendar, Crystal---flower themed calendar, Suzanne (Window on the Prairie)----Hot Air Balloons themed calendar. Now I just need your addresses....Erin, I know yours but you must answer to claim your prize! Email me at snapperbeckatgmaildotcom. Congratulations! Thanks for entering!


Erin said...

Can family enter? hehe... If so, I'd love to win the ocean theme, from Bandon, OR trip. I love the Ocean so very much and miss the days when I used to live right on it!

Grandma Becky said...

i was gonna give you one anyway so if you win, you will get it! Yes, family is special treatment. I've won off yours once.

Window On The Prairie said...

The sight of our decorated church Christmas morning.
Would love to have the ocean calendar.
Thanks Becky!

Danita Wampole said...

I found your blog through your FB page - very cool and your pictures are wonderful! Kevin (my husband) loves photography but we need to get him a nice digital camera - he's still on film and so doesn't take pictures as often as he would like. Talk to you soon -


Crystal said...

I would love the ocean one but I bet they are all beautiful so I would be happy with any on them. What I love about Christmas is just everything, I can not just pick one thing. I love that it is a time of year when Jesus gets a lot of attention. I love that family is home, the lights and the giving.