Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally Painting!

The day to prime the dining room has arrived in late Sept! My good friend Tamara is taking off some trim to see if we really need it on or off. There was some leakage from our skylight that needed fixed on ceiling and wall prior to painting. I wasn't sure what was behind the trim. There was nothing. All the trim was taped.

Here's my daughter, Megan, and Tamara, doing some spackle work. See the orange reflection on the wall? That's from our next door neighbor's house. We really don't like the color. They didn't think it was going to be that bright. Well, you should really check out what actual color you are going to paint your house, interior or exterior, before you paint it. Paint a small portion not a complete wall or room. I've heard of people doing that. Then they come in to buy more paint! Why? I work at a hardware store where we sell paint. That wastes alot of money and time! Oh dear me! You can usually lighten it but then again I'm not a complete paint expert .........I digress!

Primer and stuff we had on the table as we worked. Tamara got the high spots and I got the lower spots. Megan went to work after awhile.

The unappealing skylight! All the paper was peeled off with soaking it with liquid fabric softener. Then it was spackled. What we didn't use on the wall got used on the skylight. That's ok because you are supposed to use it all. Better than sitting then drying up and then throwing it away! Then she primed and painted skylight another day.

I painted 2 walls of the dining room myself on a Friday. It was a task, especially when it was darker. I had a hard time finding where I left off. The shadows didn't help any from the ladder so I had to move the ladder. I had painted in the afternoon and then waited four hours to paint the second coat. This is a light blue with a hint of grey in it. It's nice and so much different than the previous paperboard color. I'm looking forward to the 3rd wall being painted soon. Just looking at unpainted wall makes me realize why I wanted to paint the room. All it takes is time and money.

The room is done. I think this was after a first coat cuz I had all this put away before Sat. My legs hurt from being on the ladder but it was ok. It was better on Sat.

This is the finished wall a few weeks later. This was put up on a Sat. with the help of Phil. It's good to have help! The remainder of the work is partially in putting items back on the shelves. Now I need to take my Christmas Lilliput Village out on the shelves since I need to move the hutch to another wall. That will save me from moving the village 4x! I can't move hutch with items in it for fear of breaking the glass. Oh dear me! Nope, I'm not giving the villages away! Besides I still enjoy them!
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Some questions Laura asked is:
What space are you tackling this week and how is the journey going?
I am going to move my village as I stated above. I am seeing the journey getting done prior to the holidays. Maybe Thanksgiving but definitely by Christmas.
Have you had any Ah-ha moments lately?
Since my daughter is house sitting for awhile, I'm seriously considering cleaning our office from clutter by the window and in front of the closet and in her room. Just a few minutes of papers gone or stacking into a pile for her to deal with later. I never throw things away she might need. That's what files are for!
If you are consumed by stuff what changes can you put into place today to change that?
Don't buy anything I don't really need and purge a bit every day. Keep maintaining, as I've stated before!

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It looks so clean and fresh.