Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday

I didn't go to the mall or stores today and encounter a crowd. I visited with my mom over lunch at the nursing home where she lives instead. We loved the sunshine that was apparent in the dining room, only sparodic fluffy clouds hung in the sky, not appearing to have any rain in them. We've had alot these past few days. I travelled a few miles to Costco and picked up some items that were on sale there. Bought two items of food and then a Pepsi for my drive home! AH! quiet, since hubby is working. The only Black in this day is that I didn't max a credit card. So far, no credit card use, unless I shop on line which I might at Amazon. I still have money in the checking account! That's a good thing,right!?
Checking my email gave me a surprise when I got home! I signed up for prizes from The Fish radio station in Portland. I am one of the 50 qualifiers for the grand prize of a $250 shopping spree and 4 tickets to the Brandon Heath concert next Sat. OH MY!!!! I am SO EXCITED! I just have to go to a mall up in Portland and go to their booth between noon and 2 tomorrow! Need to be present to win! Also other prizes! Can't wait! I will let ya know what happens!

(Photo above is from Pacific City, OR a few years ago. It's close to black as I could get from my arsenal of photos!)


aimee said...

Great way to spend Black Friday!! We didn't go shopping either--I much prefer home, visiting family or time in nature to crowds and long lines:)
Good luck with the contest!

Crystal said...

I did not shop either. I did not see anything we really needed. Good luck on winning the prize.

Grandma Becky said...

I didn't win anything but that's ok! I had a good time with my friend and the mall was pretty!

Camille said...

Yippee for keeping your money in your wallet and not on the card...good for you! Sounds like your *Black* Friday was successful!

Your photos are always lovely.