Sunday, November 20, 2011

We've Been Up To.....

Life has been keeping us busy. On Veterans' Day, both hubby and I had the day off together. So we went to the biggest Veterans' Day Parade this side of the Mississippi! Seriously! Since it was the 60th year, it was a bit bigger. There were over 200 entries. We were on concrete for a long time, standing, saluting the flag and waving at people that waved at us when the parade passed by. We found a spot to stand that had some people from a care home sitting in front of us. So I was able to get some pretty good photos. There was one man that was a bit to the left of us, that stood up for the entire parade right by the people sitting down. Not nice! An older gentleman, a veteran of WWII was there with his wife. He would stand up and take a photo and stand and salute the flag. So neat. I'm sharing just a few right now.
First group to come by were the Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles. We could hear the Harleys coming! I think I saw a few of my friends in it. I was in this same parade on the back of a Harley a few years ago. The motorcycles are in the front because they can go a bit faster and not get held up in the slow pace that parades take at times.

Need anything from this guy? Dog on a stick, a flag, horns, weird hair?

This was on the truck bed of a Gold Star mom, who lost her son (photo on the right). Her brother died years earlier in the Vietnam war. Let us never forget them who paid the ultimate sacrifice!
National Guard Army Band and the inflatable soldiers got a laugh. The male one got behind when he stopped to shake someone's hand. He had to hurry to catch up and looked so funny wobbling. He nearly fell over as well!

Our National Guard soldiers who have served in Iraq, safely home. Thank you!
A Coast Guard helicopter fly over!
There was a F-22 fly over as well, but they were higher and hard to photograph.

I like this dress made from red poppies that the American Legion sell to people! I wonder how many hours it took to make it? Creative indeed!What's a parade without horses?

After the parade, we drove over the American Legion Post that was hosting a free lunch for parade participants and veterans. We enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner. Later that evening we ate at Applebees in another town for dinner. Free Veterans' meals there as well. Drink not included. We waited half an hour for a table. The couple that was right next to us started up a conversation with us, man being in national guard. It was a pleasant day. A day to remember...11-11-11.

The next afternoon we went to visit and care for our adorable grandchildren while their mom and dad went out for a few hours. Owen didn't like that too well. He cried but at least it wasn't loud. I finally got him sidetracked to where he'd quit crying. Then he'd cry again, but was ok when sis Melody was in her room and he'd go down there and pick up something to play with. He actually sat on grandpa's lap for half an hour without crying.

The drum toy that Melody is holding has been a favorite of theirs. I found it when she was just a baby and it's been a grandma house toy that's a go-to! Even Owen loves it. You can turn it and roll it and then it plays different music. Melody wearing grandpa's reading glasses. She looks so intellectual! She actually is a smart little girl. We had lots of fun.
Owen in a no cry time. I brought toys from our house that's for them when they play here. So they had fun with them and then packed them up b4 we left. Owen is 10 months and Melody is 3.5 yrs old. Yes, already. Owen is walking!

What we aren't going for a walk this evening as it's so cold outside. Temp didn't get above 40 degrees today.......hubby not going up on roof to work on cleaning out the gutters.

I did make chicken bacon soup this evening to warm us up! We were watching the second Crocodile Dundee movie this afternoon with blankets over us to keep us warm. I finally turned the heat up higher. I drank two cups of hot tea to warm my insides up.
We did go Snoqualmie Falls in WA state on wet but enjoyed the roaring falls.....we did break a leg on my's now a bipod for now........we did enjoy ourselves even though it was a long drive up there.......we did eat at a restaurant that we've never eaten at........we did have a nice sleep at a Comfort staying in them......we did save money with AAA on both rooms, Thurs and Friday.......I will be sharing photos of it soon! Including a video that I took!

A side note: As a photographer I do my best to take photos without annoying distractions. The power lines and poles in the parade photos are annoying but there's not a thing I can do about it. Cutting them down wasn't an option! They were everywhere! At least there were some nice red trees in the background! Sorry for the annoyance if it does annoy you! :0)

Please Do Have a Great Week my friends and thanks for stopping by~God bless you one and all.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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aimee said...

Your grandkids are SO adorable and I LOVED the inflatable Soldiers!!
You are SO right about it being cold--brrr! Stay warm and have a blessed Thanksgiving!
PS: TY for stopping by:)