Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Christmas.....

Tis the day after Christmas. The silent stores that were closed yesterday are brimming with customers today. Some exchanging gifts that didn't fit or weren't liked or just out spending money on items marked down. Overspending? Not me! I was just out a bit. Yes I did exchange a gift hubby got me for a different size but same pretty red. And got another top as well with a bit of a discount. Off to Walmart later to see if there were any artificial Christmas trees left. Our tree is about 20 years old and it's showing some wear, as in hard to get together since the limbs don't want to co-operate like they used to. I found Colorado pine with pre strung lights for $20, which isn't too bad. 2 boxes of Christmas cards, and a few other things. Walmart parking lot wasn't as bad as the outlet mall. By the time I was leaving the mall, people were lining up for a parking space. Glad I was leaving!

It's always sad to see Christmas leave. There is such a build up....lights, music, Christmas cards to send out, partys, baking, wrapping, shopping for food and last minute gifts. It's a relief the hectic is gone but it's one time of the year I enjoy celebrating Christmas===Jesus' birth. I like the extra church services to attend, as in Christmas eve and then regular church. This year Christmas was on Sunday so that service was extra special. I enjoy the decor and the nativity we have at church.
There's also memories of Christmases past when both my parents were alive; eagerly awaiting the present opening; going to grandma's or aunt and uncles houses for a meal; having my mom at our table; our first Christmas together when we were in the Air Force, overseas in England; our children in their pajamas by the's good to reflect and be thankful for what I've had in the past.

Now there are new memories with grandchildren so dear; the 5 days before Christmas when my sister's dog, Abby, became lost. It pains me that Kerri is sad from the loss and no word yet. Where can Abby be? Memories of the church services we attended with family, the candles glowing from the congregation lighting candles and there is more light. How impressive and thought provoking. We are to be the light in the darkness for people that need to find the way to Jesus. Be like a city on a hill.
Jesus is the light of the world, who came down into darkness, open my eyes and let me see.


MarieElizabeth said...

Sounds like you had some success in your shopping quest. I used to do more after Christmas sales, but the last few years it just hasn't worked out. Maybe next year. Love the gingerbread ornaments that were made for you too, way adorable!

Martha said...

Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas - here's to a Happy New Year! :)