Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Highlights

Thanksgiving festivities were at our house this year. On Wed. evening I opened up a book and made a recipe for a pie that I'd not made. I had looked at it earlier that week to find something yummy. Paradise Pumpkin pie was yummy, a type of cheese cake. I bought this book and 2 later editions and found that I had not used them frequently enough. I have enjoyed reading it again. I'd found marked pages of items I wanted to make and did craft a few things but not enough. Talk about good intentions! I did make a pie though and last year I made a breakfast in bread recipe from one of the books as well. So here's the pie in front of the book after it was baked. The other photo is in front of the recipe, just cuz I wanted to.

On Thanksgiving, our grandchildren arrived with their mom and dad and so did our daughter. She had to leave early to go to work but was able to enjoy time with family. Here's a photo of Melody. She said:"I will stand still so that you can take a picture of me, grandma." I was kinda shocked to hear her say that but so cute! And she did stand still. As you can see, the stuffed rabbits and dolls are out being played with. Then there's her little brother, Owen, now 10 1/2 months old, with his dad's hat on.
Tradition in our family is to feed the baby a little bit of sparkling cider and get a funny face, and it worked on Owen. I was out of the room but Phil grabbed the camera. Years ago we did it to our oldest nephew, about Owen's age! Why? because it's fun and it doesn't hurt them.

I couldn't believe this happy face I got from Owen before they were to leave. Erin did something behind me to get him to laugh! It's hard to get a smile from him as he can be so serious. He doesn't like men alot, even grandpa. He will come to me though but if he's not liking something, he will cry. Hope he grows out of it soon! Then here's Owen and Melody ready for the ride home. One of 3 photos and none of them Melody's complete face but it's cute!

Melody is wearing the sweater I made her. I asked her earlier who made that sweater she was wearing. She said"I think you did, grandma." Then here's the last piece of pie, as you can see the cheese cake part on the bottom with the pumpkin pie part on the top. We ate the last piece Tues, splitting it cuz there were two of us here, to fight over it! It was still good! I think I'll make it again sometime!

After everybody was gone, Phil and I brought out the double twelve dragon dominoes we have had for years. We bought it in England at the base exchange. When I am tired but still want to play a game, we play this. It was fun. As always, we have to stand them up and make a big line up and push them from one end and they all fall down, before we put them away. Doesn't everybody?

Last Friday I'd written in my post about going to a mall for to see if I'd win $250 shopping spree and 4 Brandon Heath tickets. I had a friend go with me, after calling quite a few people, alot not home cuz it was Thanksgiving weekend. Anyway we went and had a nice time even though I didn't win anything. Here is the beautiful wreath across from Macys and above the ice skating rink. Years ago our high school choir would sing at this mall near Christmas. I went 3 or 4 years and it was fun. The mall wasn't enclosed then and the first year we wore our choir robes and nearly froze. The following years we wore our coats!

Here is Andy, the radio announcer and Laura, at the booth. Andy is the morning radio personality that wakes me (and many other people) up in the a.m. It was nice to meet him.

Here I am after Tammy and I did a bit of shopping. I didn't buy much but I love this little bag from Made In Oregon. It's so festive. I did take a photo of Tammy but I promised I wouldn't put it on my blog or facebook. Some people just don't like their picture taken. I wanted to prove I was there. It did get me into the spirit of Christmas a bit more. I love the decorations for Christmas.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

It sounds like you have quite a bit going on..Your grandkids are adorable, too :) :) :) I haven't put my Christmas lights up yet, but I will soon...Have a good weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

MarieElizabeth said...

That pie does look amazing! Love the funny face photo - I'll have to try that with my niece and see if she does it too.