Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Week B4 Christmas

A few weeks ago we went to my husband's work Christmas party in downtown Portland. It was held at the Nine's hotel for a 3rd year in a row. I made sure we knew which street to take once we got there. Good thing I had a map to look at prior to driving up there. Looked at what street to come back on as last year we went to far but made it home ok. This route was much better and it's always easy to get lost in the city if you don't know where you are going. (i.e. Getting on the wrong side of the river, then find the right bridge to take you back over and find where you need to be. ) Besides all that, we had a good time and I am sharing a few photos of the evening.

Inside, 6th floor, when the restaurant is, were beautiful decorated trees and packages. I loved that there was purple! The Pioneer Courthouse and tree photos are taken from inside, through the window. I am amazed how clear and pretty it looks. They must keep the windows quite clean, inside and out.

Below the Nines, is Macys and I enjoy looking at their windows before Christmas. Oh, little children with no faces....interesting.

Looking up at the flags hanging from the Nines hotel. Man with back to camera is my husband. Looking down the street at Pioneer Courthouse Shopping center. We were waiting for our car to arrive from valet parking, which was paid for by the company! Nice and so was the food. We sat by our son and his wife for dinner and some other people. President of the company even came by, sat down and chatted a bit. That was nice. Prior to the dinner, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman and found out he's a retired Marine General! We had a pleasant conversation.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I've been shopping today for my husband's birthday present and birthday pie. Out in the cold fog again! Bought a couple pies at Baumans' where they have a wonderful bakery in their farm store of goodies. One pie for us and one for a co-worker who is leaving to move with husband to Oklahoma early Jan. I know she'll need some yummy food for now as there is so much for her to do. I dropped it off at work today and she was so happy! I will miss Jerry, worked with her for six years. She helped me learn my cashier job when I started and keeps me sane on Thurs. when we work together. I will add another day to my work schedule now that she's leaving ....4 days not 3, so that I will need to get used to that. I usually do some soups on Mon. and it's hard to do when I'm not here so make it on the weekend and put in fridge. But it's manageable as life always is when things change. Hubby's birthday is tomorrow and Daughter's birthday is Tue. Oh fun times so close to Christmas.
I am keeping positive right now even though I miss my mom being able to be out and about and here with us for Christmas. She is well taken care of in the nursing home but it's different and still wishing she was like some older women that are her age or older, that come into the hardware store and buy a few things and look so dear and dressed nicely. But life moves on and we deal with changes of parents losing some functions in their life, children growing up, having children of their own. I miss them being here in the house, helping me make fudge, decorate the Christmas tree as a family, making cookies. Looking and wondering about the presents under the many wonderful memories. Now it's quiet and so different but I make myself happy thinking of Christmas as it should be. Celebrating Jesus' birth~Rejoice! Still being able to gather with our adult children for the holiday and loving the adorable grandchildren. It's a new phase in my life I am still getting used to. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Bright Christmas lights, star or angel on the Christmas tree.....ornaments I've collected over the years. These past two years I've used my Precious Moments ornaments. No cat or kids to run into the tree. Enjoying quiet time; watching the Muppet Christmas Carol; looking at lights on neighbors houses; reading Christmas cards we get from our mailbox.
Share some happiness and goodwill
Wherever you go!
Be the light to brighten someone's day!
That's a gift Jesus would like us to give!
No wrapping required!


Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

Love the pictures! That hotel and downtown Portland are beautiful! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Beautiful place for a Christmas Party! I know what you mean about adjustments. We are going to miss our grandmother terribly this Christmas. Merry Christmas!