Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fiftysecond Week List

I have come to the end of my year of organization with help of Laura on OrgJunkie. I've learned a lot about myself! I need to stick with organizing and de-cluttering! It's an ongoing process. So with that in mind, I did what Laura suggested and got out a clipboard and wrote down places I needed to fix soon!

My dear friend, Tamara, gave me this Mary Engelbreit mini clipboard for Christmas so I put it to good use. One item's been crossed off. Yes, the pile of magazines on the coffee table in living room are gone! All the Better Homes and Gardens and Sunset....G.O.N.E.! Done with them! Have a few AAA and scrapbooking magazines to look at then purge them as well. FREEDOM!

I am more aware of what I am doing in my surroundings. If things start getting cluttered, I take a minute or two to fix it. I don't buy something unless I can use it. I seem to go thru my clothes more often and take out something I really don't like. I spot clean! We downsized our newspaper subscription to 2 days a week so there's less clutter of papers, less paper in our recycle bin, we save money a good sum of money and don't miss the paper that much.

Here's the pretty poinsettia I brought home with us on Christmas after church. They were giving them away and I wasn't gonna take one since I wind up killing them! But Dan handed this one to me and I couldn't resist. It's sitting where the magazines used to be piled! So far it's doing fine. I think I water mine too much. So far I've watered it once and it's doing fine!

Update on my Lilliput Christmas village with newly painted wall! It looks like blue sky behind it, right? And there's an addition to my train set. I have an engine! Thanks to a customer at the hardware store where I work, he found me the engine at a swap meet for $10 and may be able to get me a caboose as well!

This is the outside of our house with the twinkling stars for our Christmas lights. In my new year's post, the beautiful house shown there, is not my house. It is in Aurora, community some miles from my house that was decorated for Christmas. I only wish it was my house!

The 52 weeks of organizing has been fun and hope to keep you updated on my journey this year. The 3rd wall will get painted this spring. It's too cold right now to open windows! My computer desk and bookshelves are on my list as well and so it......you catch the idea. As I said it's a process to downsize and purge what I've collected over the years. I'm appreciative of all my new friends I've found through this journey and especially Laura for encouraging all of us! Hats off to you!!!

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I seriously need to organize my walk in closet...because it's cluttered and messy :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)