Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainy Days

Thursday evening I was eating dinner by myself since Phil was gone til late, gaming with our son and their friends, as in role playing games or board war games. Whatever they do that particular evening. It's something Phil has done for years. Keeps them off the streets and out of bars! Anyway, I photographed this scene at the table after a busy day at work. It was quiet and less hectic than half the work day. I enjoyed my leftover beans with an added hot dog and bread, that I did add butter and jam after this photo. My glass was gifted to me by Tamara at Christmas. I love it! Reminds me of England where I lived for 2 years while in the US Air Force. And Dr. Who!
There was alot of rain overnite on Wednesday. I didn't know how bad until I got to work on Thurs. a.m. On my way to work I noticed the golf course had a lot of water hazards. Within one hour and 12 minutes of being at work, I sold 7 sump pumps. Two were sold prior of my arrival. Total sump pumps sold that day were about 15! My boss ordered more since we have a warehouse just miles from us that could supply us with more. (A sump is a well or pit at a low point. When water enters, where you don't want it to be, like a basement or crawl space under house, the water needs pumped out. There is a float switch to keep the pump from running constantly.)

Early on, the phone was ringing and I had a line of customers that I felt I needed a secretary just to answer the phone and then call for the plumbing department man! He was kept busy and am thankful for co-workers coming to my aid at register when the line got more than 4 people deep! Later in the afternoon it calmed down to near quiet in the store, which was nice for awhile.

On Friday I went to see my mom in the nursing home. I decided to take my Canon Elph camera with me. Here is a scene I came upon in Aurora on my way to Canby. This scene boggled my mind. It's never under water. Oh goodness me! This is right before you cross the bridge over the Pudding River. As you can see, this property is part of the Pudding River for the time being. It's never been like this in the 22 years we've lived here. There are at least 4 horses that are usually in this field. They were tied up by the house that's on a bit higher ground by the road. Earlier in the day there were people moving furniture out of the house into horse trailers (as seen by a friend's co-worker on her way to work from further north). All the flooding happened over night.

This is property across the road.

A broken hub cap by the side of the road. A big puddle by the road that I didn't step in. I wasn't wearing boots, but should have since they were in the car but forgot to put them on til half way through my little trek to take photos.

A holly bush by a house in Aurora, right next to my car, where I parked and walked. I didn't want to park on side of road as other people did. I walked in a bit of slop for a bit to get to the spot I photographed from. My shoes are leather so I just need to clean tops of my shoes. My feet didn't get wet nor did I get hit by a car. I stayed close to side of road as I could.
This photo is near flood stage of the Molalla River in Canby. I drove into the park to see what it looked like there. There was a street sweeper working on removing mud and other debris there. Thus the beeping and machine background noise in the video.

It's been quite the storm this week. South of us, Salem and Turner and Corvallis flooded and people had to be evacuated. Further north, into Washington, they got slammed with snow then ice and some power outages. My sister lives near Tumwater and they were without power for nearly a day.

With all this rain I am mindful of the story and song from the Bible. Matthew 7:24-29....foolish man built his house upon the sand and it fell flat when the rains came and the wind blew. Wise man built his house upon and rock and rains and winds came it stood firm. Build you life on the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a beautiful day here. Warm enough to open our windows and watch birds in our lawn. Hopefully the waters recede soon as it's raining only occasionally. Prayers for the people affected by this storm appreciated.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

It finally rained here on the ocean coast of California...Iknow, we have an ocean full of water right outside our door, but we still need rain :) :) I'm thankful. Last night it was coming down so hard and heavy, that I thought it would come through the ceiling!!!! I hope your neighbors didn't suffer too much damage from the flooding water. Have a good weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Crystal said...

That is a lot of rain. I hope all your neighbors come out ok. Your pictures were wonderful.