Sunday, February 26, 2012

Camera Strap and Coastal things

Last week we went to the coast. The past few months have been busy with the holidays, birthdays, new work schedule and a cold that sapped my energy. So we took off on a Friday and drove to the coast for the day. Stopped for lunch. Went on to Boiler bay and photographed in the rain. But that's another post. Just doing a few things here, featuring me in the sunset photo, at Depoe Bay, on my cell phone. Why? Cuz first of all I was getting a photo to send to my friend via phone. She's recovering from breast cancer surgery. Just to brighten her day.....and now to show off my camera strap made by my friend, April, over at Marine Parents blog. She has an Etsy shop. She's got some fun things and her work is great.

Notice the lens cap holder that's on the strap? Perfect fit! The fabric is camo ABU used in Air Force uniforms. Since I'm an Air Force veteran I requested that. It's also camo so I can't be seen so well while I'm out taking photos? Not exactly! :0-} But I like it, it's different and comfy for my Canon dslr, even when it gets wet. It dries out! I also like the little purse I purchased, with a zipper and red polka dot lining. I sent it as a gift to someone and she liked it. Of course. I like how April packaged her merchandise! So fun when I opened the envelope to see this!

After sunset photos, hubby and I went into a little shop and ordered ice cream. We tend to do that when we are out. Love the Tillamook ice cream. Favorite! Back across the street to the car and it was dark. Here's a fun, slow shutter speed, dark photo. Building to the left it the Whale Interpretive Center we visited. We watched the sky change from.....ooops that's the next post...!
The End....til next time have a great week!


Crystal said...

Great strap. I really need to get my self one like that. Such pretty pictures.

MarieElizabeth said...

I really like the creative strap covers. I have started using a longer version, that lays cross body to balance the weight of the camera. I might have to make a pretty cover for it as well - you're so fashion forward. :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great photo of you and wonderful ones that you took. I love the ocean sunset one especially.
What a great camera strap! That is great that it is of the material that represents your time in service! I know I have said this before, but again, thank you for your military service!

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you so much for stopping by! It was awesome to see the Patriot Guard Riders there...There were so many of them too. Prior to arriving, the thought did come to mind that I hope there were not any protesters present...But with the PGR, there would not be any concern for protesters! The PGR were an amazing, protective, heart-stopping sight to see...lined up in front of the church, escorting the cars and also at the burial site.