Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feather Find

A couple weeks ago I was out in our side lawn, cleaning up some branches. We'd had some wind lately and small branches from our birch tree lay scattered around. I was recouping from my cold and needed some fresh air. I opted not to go on a walk with hubby. Tired. So out I went wearing my heavy coat. While picking up branches I spotted a couple feathers. It appeared to be from a red shafted flicker (woodpecker family). Oh dear. Did he meet his demise by another bird, get scared or frightened or eaten by a neighborhood cat that frequents our lawn? No dead body that I could see. I did find another feather later.

I decided to go inside and get my camera and take a few photos. Well, then creativity struck and I found some moss and another branch that were stuck together. I put the feathers on it. The sun was going down and I noticed the front lawn had more light. Here are my two favorite shots of the feather creativity.

It never ceases to amaze me how my creative juices flow and come up with something out of the ordinary.....once in awhile! Enjoy!

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Camille said...

How pretty those photos are Becky. Thank you for sharing. :) I hope he just lost a few feathers and nothing more as well. :/

Many Blessings,