Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Surprise

This past Tuesday was the first day of spring. Then Wednesday dawned with some snow flakes in the air. Oh dear! {We had a bit of snow the previous two Tuesdays as well, nothing significant.} This is the snow that was on my car and my windshield when I left work at 6:30 PM to go home.

Snow on juniper and fir tree by our garage.
Fast forward to 11 PM that night. I know, I have figured out I'm obsessive/compulsive when it comes to taking photos sometimes. My daughter agrees!

Daffodils, one up and others not!

{sno}bunny here!
Snow and a neighbor's tree in different lighting. I was playing with my camera to see what worked. I need to remember to change the white balance...why do I forget that especially at night? Sigh! The yellow street light helped, or didn't, with weird lighting. I kinda like this photo.

Snow on the lilac bush buds and my boot tracks through our lawn. The grass is high. It's been too wet to mow and hubby has been working long overtime hours for a month.

Juniper bush and pine tree, with more snow on them. Notice how fluffy the snowflakes are? I enjoyed being out in it even if it was cold! Then there's the scene of our whole front lawn with street light.

These are photos of the flowering non-bearing cherry trees that are right around the corner from us. The first photo is of the first tree I saw on Thurs. morning when I was driving to work. OH.My! It was slushy here to drive in but once over the over pass I was pretty much on clear, wet roads. On my way home I counted 9 out of 12 trees had broken limbs. They will be that way for awhile. It's city property and don't know when they will get fixed. There were quite alot of these type of trees damaged in town by the wet 3" snow we got. Wrong time to snow, I guess. But I won't complain. Snow is gone, rain is back but we did have some sunshine on Friday and Saturday. That's the weather report from my neck in the woods of Oregon! Thanks for visiting.

{Note:Monday 3/26 the trees were fixed. They look nice again! Thanks city crew for what you do.}

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aimee said...

I liked the spring blossoms in the snow--especially because the snow was super fluffy! It was a lot of fun to photograph--so you were not alone in wanting to do so:)
Loved the flowering cherry trees!
Blessings, Aimee