Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Little Grandchildren

Another month, another day to watch the adorable grandchildren. Melody is wearing the purple dress my sister, Kerri, found when we were thrift store shopping a few weeks ago. So I bought it. And it fits Melody perfectly. She let me take a few photos of her.

Then the time was up, grandma! No more photos! That's ok! She's so funny and giggly and ticklish.......
then there's precious Owen in his non=happy mood...doesn't like it when mommy and daddy are gone and cries most of the time they are gone. I told Melody it's her job to tell him that grandma loves him. He's gonna grow out of it soon. I.Hope! He'd have more fun if he'd just give in and believe that grandma does love 15 months old....he's doing what he knows. Little does he know how much grandma and grandpa love him.


aimee said...

Don't be discouraged about Owen. In time he won't cry when his parents leave him...believe me, it is not about you at all!
Love the cute photo of Melody when she's had enough of the picture taking time:)
You are blessed!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

They are so cute! Thank you for your prayers. I've been a bad blogger. I can hardly plan a meal, let along visit my friend's blogs.