Monday, March 5, 2012

Grandchildren Delight

A few weeks ago, Phil and I watched the adorable grandchildren so their parents could escape to freedom for a few hours. It was fun. Amusing at times.

We shared a bit of our Subway lunch with the kids. Here Owen is enjoying cookie or chips from grandpa. They are watching the March of the Penguins movie we brought with us. Right now all my kids movies are on VHS not DVD, so I thought maybe they'd like this movie, which they did.
Melody and I worked on a Winnie the Pooh puzzle later while grandpa rocked Owen to sleep. Melody is my Canon pirate! Years ago I took a photo of my daughter as a Canon pirate. Shiver me timbers indeed! I think I need to dig out that photo of Megan and scan it and share it. Someday!

I'm working on ideas for this next visit with grandchildren. It's hard to come up with something we can do together with such an age span. I need to remember what I thought of the other day. Something musical. Creative. Instill Godly principles or word into their little hearts. Odyssey videos from Focus on the Family. Psalty. These were items from my children's growing up years. Maybe they are still around. I love being a grandma! A special time in our lives indeed!


Crystal said...

Cute pictures. Fun times with your grandchildren. Priceless.

Jan said...

Such a joy for you to have the company of your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your precious moments.