Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sister Birthday Lunch 2012

Birthdays are fun. Even when you are in your 50s. There! I said it! My sister, Kerri, and I met the last Sat. of February to enjoy our birthdays together. We each have one in Feb. about a week apart. This year we met half way so neither of us would have to drive so far. This time we met at Olde Creekside Cafe in Longview, WA. We'd researched restaurants and this one looked fun and food sounded good. So said the reviews. And we weren't disappointed.

I was waiting for my sis and ordered some iced tea and perused the menu. Took awhile and thought maybe she was in restaurant next door, which I hear happens, per the waitress. No. Just waited and enjoyed the surroundings. Parking is sometimes an issue. I found a spot just a few feet from the establishment while my sis was searching and found a parking lot to park in. She sent me a text that she'd seen my car but couldn't find a spot close. It was a busy area to be in.

After we ordered our lunches, we opened our gifts. I put my sister's gift inside a Life cereal box cuz they are celebrating their 50th birthday as well. She wasn't paying attention to box at first then asked me if there was cereal in there as well, after I asked her to look at the box front....funny! Yes there was cereal in the bag too! Fun! I gave her a gift card and a pair of gloves to wear when she gardens, which is one of her favorite things to do.

Kerri gave me a gift card to one of my favorite clothing stores....Kohl's. I did spend it a few weeks ago. ( I bought more than my gift card but isn't that the norm? But I did buy for husband as well since it's time for a couple new shirts and a pair of pants that has a button for closure, not some clasp that comes off within weeks of wearing them and store (Sears) refused to take them back. They changed their policy of their work pants return. Maybe they were losing money. It's nice to find a store that has pants that work! Buttons are so much easier to fix! Just sew it back on! Sigh!)

Then there's this adorable stuffed moose that was sitting on the counter, just feet away from our table. We enjoyed the decor. The cafe is in an old store building. Love old historic towns! Need to go back and see more of it sometime!

Here's my lunch of turkey mushrooms and swiss cheese sandwich and clam chowder. Then there's the dessert that's a 7 layered bar,that's the magic bar cookies long time ago....oatmeal, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut....ate the whole thing after eating all that sandwich! The food was very good and the ladies who helped us were so nice! I'd go back again!

More fun decor. The bear was hanging over the front entryway. It was funny about the restrooms in the cafe. You'd walk down a hallway, go through a door, turn left and you were inside a church's sanctuary! Then turn right and go into a hallway and there were the restrooms. Quite a set up. But also am wondering if it was a ministry of the church or maybe the people who own the cafe were church members? Who knows. I didn't ask.

We went to a few second hand stores as that's one of our favorite things to do together, besides going antique shopping. I like this store front window of second store we went into.

When we got in, Kerri let out an O.M.G. and so I had to see what it was. Our mom had this set of dishes. No casserole dishes though. She got them at Safeway many years ago. We could have bought the whole set for $125 (half price sale). No, we left it. But I had to take a photo to remember these by. Need to print one up for mom.

The building below is the first store we went to and looked around, after I moved my car and parked in same parking lot where Kerri was parked. I found a table cloth I liked that had embroidery on it. But couldn't decide if I wanted it or not. Didn't go back to get it. Store closed before I made a choice...oh well. Purchases of the day.... I did wind up buying a pr of pants and a long denim skirt for myself. And a few baby clothes for a friend whose having a baby soon, her 1st. and a cute blanket as well...all in great condition. A dress for my granddaughter in her favorite color....purple! My sister found some earrings and some clothes and a book.

It was time to go home so we parted after we had such a fun afternoon. It was a nice day, drive up and it started raining later, while shopping we noticed the weather change. It was great to be together again and talk about different stuff and encourage each other!

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