Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flowers and Thoughts

Here's my latest hellabore that my daughter picked up for me a few weeks ago. It is so pretty and growing just sitting outside in it's pot. Protected between other pots and the garage. The weather has been warm and nice. Then the next day it's windy and rainy and cold. No time to plant anything because of the "bipolar" weather we have been having!

I love the green fringe edging and then the purple. Am trying to figure out where to put it.
In the ground or in a nice pot?

It's been an interesting past week with a couple days at work not good, with a customer being not nice to another customer, right in front of me. That stressed me out and I attempted to make it stop. Nothing physical, just verbal. Mean words. Then a weird incident while shopping. Calling protection of God's angels to keep me and my daughter safe and calm as well. I was so glad to have a wonderful song play on the radio the day after the work incident lift me up and carry me through my work day. "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord". This world isn't perfect and I know there will be struggles. Interesting that so much happened in one week. But God is faithful and beside me, every step of the way. On to a better week, where I hope it isn't so cold, wet, windy and unpredictable.

Today I made a friend's day by taking her goodies I picked up at the Women Veterans' Conference I went to on Friday. Kathy couldn't go because of a broken foot/leg. So sad she couldn't go but she loved the goodies I brought her. She's Navy veteran and I'm Air Force veteran and we met at the hardware store last year or so. I enjoy visiting with her. Next time it will be time spent with tea and cookies, when there's more time. Some days are just too full. Sometimes I just don't get enough done because I don't use my time wisely. But then again maybe I'm too hard on myself at times. I think sometimes I spend too much time on the computer. I neglect my to do list. But I give myself credit for doing some items on my list, baking on weekends, keeping kitchen cleaned up and laundry done. Menu planning has gone by the wayside sometimes. As in writing it down.

Is it bad to stay at home and work on things and not going shopping for groceries til the next day? Especially when you needed bacon for the clam chowder I made last night. Mushrooms for spaghetti today? Forgetting to write items down so I can remember to get them. I guess I just get overwhelmed with life sometimes. I want to do so much but not enough time. Sigh!

I'm working on getting back on the bandwagon and being diligent in what I've done before. One step at a time! Just call me a side tracked housewife! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and have a blessed week!


Camille said...

Oh Becky...there are *seasons* in this life. Hang in there! I can relate to your post...*side-tracked housewife*...hmmm...sounds familiar! May the LORD help us truly to take one day at a time and to be diligent in all HE gives us to do!

May the LORD bless you this weekend as you celebrate HIM!

Many blessings,

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

I totally get being overwhelmed by life! That's just how it goes.

And I would plant them in a pot...but then, I always plant flowers in pots. They just grow better for me!