Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Day

It's been a happy day today. Abby, my sister Kerri's dog, is home. After 16 weeks on the run, many miles from home, in Salem (country area), now she's home in WA. Here is Abby in the cage at the animal shelter b4 Kerri got her. Look how skinny she is compared to the following photo, taken last summer. (She got spooked while Kerri was visiting with a friend in Dec. Took off running and nobody could catch her but many sightings.) Finally, today was the last chapter. Finally caught and homeward bound she went! :0)

Kerri said she's never smelled such a dirty dog. I'm sure she's gonna get a bath tonight or soon. Kerri stopped to see me at work b4 she went on home. I went out to her car to see Abby and she was all wiggly and happy. Then my nephew posted a video on facebook when Abby came through the door at her house. She was all wiggles and jumpy and happy! The fervent prayers and believing she'd be back home were answered. Thank you Jesus!

Add to all that, my daughter, Megan, had a good job interview today. We're praying it will be a step up for her to get this job, in pay and sanity. Working at an inbound cell phone call center has been stressful on her, to say the least. It was an in between job til she got something else. It's been 2 years but at least it's been a job and she's missed getting fired, like other people. So prayers for this job. Will know soon!

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Camille said...

How WONDERFUL!! What a sad thing for your sister's dog to be missing for so long!! What a blessing that she arrived home safe and sound (although...very skinny and dirty)! :)

Blessings to you!