Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Few Words

Photographer Becky at tulip field

Disguised best buds!

Tulips and the rabbit at home. 

Just checking in with you. I'm just busy. That's nothing new!  I'm still weeding through my tulip photos since I don't  have time to download photos from my fun Mother's Day weekend. But I will get them done soon.    This evening Daughter and I planned a get a way for end of June, this evening. Hopefully she can get the 2 days off to go. I already have it off and now my plans have changed but that's ok. She's not been to the coast for awhile so we are going to go together, which is more fun and safety in numbers.  Buddy system isn't a bad idea these days. Her friends work and many times things get planned then the friend bales out on the trip or movie.  Not fun being single I guess. I've been married a long time so my trips are with hubby now.  Megan will be helping pay for this trip in some areas.     Work week is over on Thurs for me. Then over to see my mom on Friday and eat lunch with her. Saturday is Armed Forces breakfast at the American Legion. Later get car washed at our church to support the trip to Nicaragua in June. We support our "south campus" church down there.    Weather has been warm finally and no rain! Amazing! Finally! Our springs for 3 years have been wet and cold.  We wait to start the gardens. I've not started mine yet. Not sure if I will plant vegetables at all.   Have a great day in the Lord, my friends!


aimee said...

Great photos! I especially like the first one; it is a perfect one of you, relaxing, in the midst of all that beauty!
Totally agree with the buddy system of travel. I always go with my best friend, my hubby or family-always! Besides, it is more fun:)
Have a great Armed Forces Day this weekend and thank you for your service.
PS: My garden is partially started-lettuce and chard in a half barrel.
PS2: Sorry--long winded today but I have to say I love your last statement:)

Laury said...

Our spring started off blazing hot then got cool again now it's getting hot. Crazy weather! Love your pictures, as always! Enjoy your time with your daughter. I need to spend some of my summer with my unmarried daughter too. She just bought a house and wants me to go to garage sales with her. The girl that always hated to go with me now WANTS to go - how times have changed, haha:) Hi Becky!!