Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tulips and Thoughts on Thursday

Peony tulip opening. Love it!

Tulip field at sunset.

Bouquet of tulips I purchase at tulip farm.

I have been busy this week.  Part of it was because of a busy weekend that meant I got less things done on weekend. Therefore, I had to cram jobs in on week nights to get them accomplished. Sigh!  I went through my tulip photos and picked out a few to enter into a contest that ends next week.  Good thing I can upload photos to their site and it's free!  Work at the hardware store has been busy since the weather is finally dry, some sunshine and that brings more people to the store to purchase: paint, Traeger grills, Traeger pellets, spices and sauces,  always plumbing supplies, fertilizer, weedbgone, mice traps, hornet traps, fly strips, ant bait, gardening tools, to name a few.  Tonight I got off half hour early, thanks to my kind boss. And it was his birthday! He could have gone home early!  I stopped to pick up an Angus swiss and mushroom burger on the way to Salem to the Book Bin. I wanted to hear what my favorite author, Jane Kirkpatrick, had to share about her new book"Where Lilacs Still Bloom". She's such an inspiration to me!  She inspired me tonight. But that's another story. The Book Bin is a great store, independently owned. I looked around and sought out the cookbook section and was able to find a cookbook that I needed to replace, due to water damage. I was so excited to find a used edition in great condition!  I plan to go back since I saw another store next to it that's 2nd hand clothes, jewelry and other items. I could only peer through the windows since it was closed.  That would make a fun afternoon trip sometime. Maybe get daughter or friend to enjoy it with me!  
Til next time,

Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Oh how I LOVE tulips! I was SO disappointed not to make it to Wooden Shoe again...but at least I saw some blooming tulips in Washington. Hopefully next year I will make it and in the meantime it's nice to see photos of the flowers on other's blogs!

LOL--yep, us PNW people come out in droves to get garden and home supplies when the sun comes out:)

Have a great weekend and a blessed Mother's Day!
Blessings, Aimee

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've liked a few of Jane Kirkpatrick's books, too! My favorite was the one about Antelope, OR. Awesome!

I love tulips!