Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Armed Forces Day 2012

Late morning of May 19, I went for breakfast that the Legion Hall.  Free breakfast for all military veterans.  (I made a small donation). What a deal! Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage links. So yummy!  I always enjoy the spam can center pieces.  People sitting near me were interesting to visit with.  Some the ladies were WWII era, whose husbands had been in the war.  I spent some time talking to a young man who just was released from duty.  I just love to talk to people and we spent probably half hour talking about different stuff with the military. I had a good time getting to know another veteran.

Wall of Honor, local veterans. I didn't get any of hubby or me over there. I will get something to add to their display. It's something new and they want to continue it.  

Our dinner that evening, at home, consisted of mac and cheese, (from Pioneer woman cookbook) and salad and home baked cookies, that I made that afternoon.  Between breakfast and dinner, went to a fabric store to pick up some complimentary fabric to use with another fabric for  granddaughter's pinafore. (No, it's not done yet,becuz I cut out the smaller size!So I'm still working on it. )  I also go my car washed at the church...donations for mission trip to Nicaragua. 

Phil was supposed to go to breakfast with me and get his car washed. But on Friday evening, on his way home form work, his car was hit on passenger side, front fender, scrapped some paint off and a bit of dents. It's driveable. After calling the insurance that evening, he wound up having to drive to get it looked at and damage appraised on Sat. a.m. So we went our separate ways that day. He got home after car wash was over so he went across town and got it washed. It was dirty.  We are still waiting on the insurance to call us back and get it fixed.  Good thing the other guy stopped and gave information and another man, who was a witness behind Phil, stopped as well.  Just a minor inconvenience and thankful that it wasn't any worse an accident. Thank you, Jesus.   

After dinner, I went to a friend's house to take photos of her really cool golden chain tree and a few other plants. But that's for another time.  For now, it's off to clean the kitchen and wind down for the night. Here in this part of Oregon, we've had cool weather and rain this week. Also, on Monday, a huge floating dock, from Japan's devastating earthquake (18 months ago) washed ashore on Agate beach, in the Newport, OR area.  It's the biggest piece that's been ashore, so far. There's some sea creatures from Japan found among the seaweed and dock so that could poise a problem. What's next? Oh my!
That's all from this part of the world, my friends. Take care!

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