Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrating 4th Birthday

Granddaughter Melody is enjoying the big pizza. We are celebrating her 4th birthday Memorial Day weekend. The pizza was delicious and so was the company of family.

Erin, Owen, Megan and Melody.

Adorable grandson Owen.

Hey, there's pizza! How much can I eat?

We enjoyed the big picture that hung on the wall.

Silly faces.....Becky and Justin.

This tree was so pretty. I'm not quite sure what it is...dogwood?

Fire Station close to pizza restaurant.

After we ate, we went to a park a few blocks away.  I enjoyed the swings. I've always enjoyed swings. How much can I swing to wear off calories from the pizza?

Grandpa and Melody walk across the bridge. She was still leery of it. Hated it when one of us would shake it.

Owen crawled on it and walked on it.

My kiddos!

Next day, at Burgerville, where we ate lunch.  Justin and Erin had somewhere to be that day. So we doting grandparents were with the grandkids again. We had a good afternoon.

Melody eating her free ice cream cone cuz it was her birthday.

Only photo with grandkids both looking at me. Running around in the park next to restaurant.

Melody's birthday cupcakes, made by her mom, Erin, with Melody's help. Yum!


aimee said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little granddaughter Melody (I love that name)!! Looks like you all had a great time--the pizza photo is making me really, really hungry:)
I think you are right on the beautiful tree with white bracts--I love those trees!
Do you like swinging? I remember it as a child and would love it if we had a swing here.
Have a great and blessed week.

Camille said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your sweet Melody! :) WOW...what a HUGE pizza!!! Looks like you have had some lovely family times Becky. Your new header photo is cute. :)