Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

 Mother's Day weekend started a bit earlier than the weekend. I went down to Salem to the Book Bin on Thursday evening to see my friend and author, Jane Kirkpatrick, talk about her latest book "Where Lilacs Still Bloom."  A story about Hulda Klager, whose lilacs bloom still in Woodland, WA.  Quite the story of a woman who had a burning desire to create something beautiful in her life.  I won't go into details but you can read the book yourself.  Jane, as always, inspires me.  Jane signed two books that I purchased. One was for my good friend, Teresa, who was celebrating her 50th birthday on Sat.

 Fast forward a couple days and we're at Teresa's party in the basement the church she attends.

My daughter, Megan, and myself.

Teresa, the birthday lady and Quanah, her daughter.

The honored guest getting food that was made by some of the ladies who came. 

Pink theme since Teresa just finished her breast cancer treatment. She is doing good, Praise God for that!

Teresa, Becky and Faith, dear sisters in the Lord. Faith had breast cancer some years ago. I met up with a few other ladies from a church I attended when we first moved to Oregon in 1988. Teresa and Faith were two of them that were friends right at the very beginning. Our former pastor's wife, Mary Ann, was there and had a nice devotional.  A nice celebration of Teresa, for all she's been through in her life...both her sons had illnesses.  She's a shining example of perseverance and leaning on the Lord.

Delicious chocolate birthday cake!

Teresa with book I had signed by Jane.

50th birthday candle on a small pc of cake. They didn't want to start the place on fire with all the candles. HA!

Megan and I left the party after a few presents were opened. We needed to get home so Phil and I could head for Spirit Mountain casino.  Not for gambling purposes. For Neil Sedaka concert.  I'd signed up for the Coyote Club and got a $10 coupon you could use anywhere in the casino to eat.  We spent $4.50 for our meal at one  eatery, after coupon. The little card is something you use in the machines. I didn't use it although I thought about it. The cup is one I brought home with me since I wanted water to drink on the trip home. And I could take a photo of it. NO photos were allowed at concert or in the casino. There were a few people that took some flash photography in the concert, and on cell phone,  which wasn't allowed and annoying when they announced that you couldn't and it was mentioned when you bought your tickets. Sigh! 

We'd seen Neil Sedaka about 35 years ago when we were in England and it was when we were dating. Still have the program from our 1st concert. We did take it but found out after the concert, from one of the security guards, that Neil wasn't signing autographs. There was a huge crowd.  I'm sure he was tired after the great concert he gave. Neil is 73 years old and still singing well.  We stopped and bought ice cream before we left. Met up with a friend that was seated a couple rows behind us at the concert, when we were getting ice cream!  We figured by the time we got the ice cream the crowd from concert would be gone from the parking lot and road.  This concert and dinner, was my mother's day present.  We had a great time. 
We bought this CD after the concert. It's an older one, 2003 but I didn't have this one. All ours are on record album and cassette!  The featured song on the CD "You" was sung at the concert. He dedicated it to all his loyal fans. 
Justin gave this to me. He used a stencil they have. It's so nice.  I am going to color it in and frame it.  It's better than any jewelery or something fancy.  It's from the heart.

Megan gave me this CD. Brandon Heath is an amazing Christian singer and song writer. This is my 3rd or 4th CD of his.  
I hope you had a nice Mother's Day weekend, a few weeks ago. Good enough memories to last for quite sometime. God's blessings to you, my faithful readers, commenters or not! I enjoy your comments alot! Thanks for letting me know you still enjoy my blog!
 Hugs and have a great week!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You've been really busy! Looks like you've had a lot to celebrate and that is wonderful :)

Laury said...

Wow! What a great time! You'll be remembering this Mother's Day forever!