Sunday, June 24, 2012

A View From....

.....My Recliner......This week I found myself at home for 2 days because I wasn't feeling too good. These photos are from day 2.  I spent alot of time reading this book, in an effort to finish it soon. I'm getting there. I enjoy reading but usually wind up on my laptop in the evening after work.

To the right of me sits a thermal jug with my iced tea that I had prepared for work. But decided to drink it.At Home. I'd actually made it 2 nites prior. Still good. Kept me awake. Energy level low and feeling blah.

I ventured outside in the afternoon since I felt cooped up. I needed fresh air! Here are some of my lavender plants.

Can u see me?

A rosebud!

A View From my Lawn Chair. With the same book. I have been convicted by this writer, Janice Lemke, to do a few more things in my Christian walk. Go through my Evangelism Explosion  booklet again. Remember some points to share with others about becoming closer to God.  This is a book written about the time she and her husband spent in the Ukraine.  I am enjoying the read!

A robin on the fence. I think it has a nest in the tree above me. I hear little birds and see a bigger bird land there.  I have been fortunate that no bird has "plooped" on me like one did on my daughter! She loves to go out and read too but sometimes the birds get annoyed at her. Sigh!

Honeysuckle that's hanging over the back fence neighbor's, I am enjoying the scent. She wanted me to cut it back but I won't til the blooms are gone.

Color coming on the hydrangea bush. Finally!  It sits in an old bathtub under our tree. Am thinking of pulling it out from there and let it be in a spot where there is more sunshine. Last year it didn't bloom well. May need to feed it as well, besides water!

Clouds in the east,  It rained later that evening here. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday early morning. We are wondering when summer will actually show up in Oregon.  But it's better than the alternatives!  I am feeling much better now. Saturday afternoon I felt much better even though my throat was a bit dry and twingy. Is that a word? Went to church this am. Glad I went as it was a good message.

 In the For What It's Worth Department........

My brown transfer ware bowl, The Old Mill, by Johnson Brothers.  I have a square salad plate and a cup and saucer as well. A blogger friend, Faye, was showing her brown transfer ware plates she uses at their cabin in St. Martins.  Wanted to know if anybody else had a favorite brown transfer ware pattern.  I wouldn't mind having more plates but these are hard to find. That's ok, I don't have any storage for them right now anyway!

A portion of my cookbooks!
Take care and have a great week. May you be well in spirit and body. 
Enjoy summer! How is your weather!?


aimee said...

Sorry that you have been under the weather Becky...that is never fun. Good thing you are now feeling better; hopefully our weather will soon be better too! I find it harder to be enthusiastic under gray skies...
We have a hydrangea too that doesn't bloom well...perhaps we'd better move it to better light too.
The Johnson Bros made great transfer ware dinnerware! I have Friendly Village and like it very much! (not brown, but very pretty)
Have a good week + stay well!

MarieElizabeth said...

I hope you have recovered fully. I liked the tour of yard and especially the view from the lawn chair! Tea always makes everything better.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The weather is looking up in Eastern Oregon. Today was the first really nice day we've had in awhile and it is supposed to stay this way for the next 10 days.

Hope you are feeling better. Glad you got some good reading in. God Bless, Jackie

Faye Henry said...

Hi Becky..
A bit late getting to you.. Sorry.. I was just trying to catch up on computer emails and such and came over.. I love your yard with all the lovely flowers.. That book sounds interesting.. I do have a couple of dishes in that pattern.. One for sure..
Thanks for the link, dear..
God bless...