Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Fun Find

This evening I decided to take my laptop outdoors and work under the trees. It is a bit warm but I've been inside all day. Not seeing the loveliness of the summer day was a bit frustrating. So now I'm out and loving the sound of birds, of children laughing, screaming, and just heard a gyro copter fly over.  And an annoying little bug that is in my line of vision won't go away! ARG!  Thought I'd share a fun photo with you of my "new" phone I bought recently when we stopped in Seaside at a second hand store we came upon. (We brake for thrift second hand stores that look interesting!)  I've not plugged it in yet but the lady said it works. I want to call it and see the light work. I am enjoying it in our dining room and so glad I bought it. I also bought an MnM Christmas tree shop tin that I don't have. I have collected them over the years. So I added it to my store line up on my counter top. ( A bag of Christmas MnMs were inside when you bought them new.)  I am not one bit sorry that I bought it either. I'd saved money for the trip and knew I'd find something fun or a souvenir that I'd like. That was it!  I brought alot of memories home in my camera as well.   All total, I spent $21 on both items, saving $6.

       Sun is going down soon and I need to get back into the house and take everything out of my hutch and move it and put some things back in it. I am going to finally paint the other wall in my dining room!  I can't wait to have it finished. Then put all the pictures back up. I know, I should have done it by now. Still deciding where all should go and just being too lazy about it! Oh well! That's the way the cookie crumbles around here sometimes. And speaking of crumby cookies, the batch of delicious brownies I made over the weekend turned out way too crumby which is totally disappointing to me. Used the right amount of butter and eggs and water.....does leaving them in the pan overnight and removing them make them crumby because they were a bit dry when I cut them? Oh well, we are eating them anyway! They are still good.   
         Take care and have a good rest of the week. I will be back with some photos of my trip to Seaside and Astoria with my daughter soon. And celebrations of life of friends dear to me/us.  God bless you real good and thanks so much for stopping by. It means alot to me that you read my blog and for your encouraging, sweet comments.
          Til next time.............Grandma Becky


Anonymous said...

I've never seen an M + M phone! Have fun using it:)
Looking forward to seeing your photos of the northern coast--love that area!
Have a good week.

MarieElizabeth said...

I think I would have picked up that phone too - just as a conversation piece. So cute.

Camille said...

What fun finds Becky! I hope your phone works...if not, it is a cute addition to your collection. :)

As for the brownies...perhaps you baked them a little too long? If you bake them a few minutes less, they will still cook a bit after removing them from the oven...just my two cents' worth.