Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Ducky

These photos were taken at a bridal shower of a young lady who's getting married soon.  I feel a bit ducky or quacked, today.  Needed to share some fun photos since today was a long, slightly stressful day. Yesterday was mixture of good and sadness as well. A few too many people have died in our lives. A memorial service yesterday at our church for a man we knew slightly but knew some of his family a bit better.  Then hubby and I drove to another town to have lunch and watch the movie, Battleship....for a "date".    Then this a.m. I checked my phone for any messages and I had one from my brother in Florida stating he'd got a message from Connie, who said her mom had died and her service was today. So he relayed it to me. Oh dear....tears so early in the day!  So I hopped onto my laptop, not literally, and searched for obits of my friend Marge....finally found info and the service was 2PM....good I can make it.  110 miles round trip not the way I'd planned the day. But I felt I needed to be there.   So that's the short version of it and will share some more thoughts and photos on another post.  Right now I'm just relaxing and catching up. Have a good weekend, my friends!

Psalm 146:1-7


MarieElizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about the losses, never easy to live through. Love the ducky ideas, so cute!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I feel your pain. I'm so sorry. Josiah and I are going to Bend this coming weekend to say good-bye to my grandpa. His prostrate cancer has spread to his bones. He was such an awesome man. WWII and Vietnam vet. Golfing into his 80s. He taught me to golf although I haven't been able to do it since having kids. Will never forget him. Please pray for my grandma. They've been married 60+ years. This is going to be so hard on her :(